Fireplace Heat Insert Image - Northern Virginia - Winston's ChimneyIt is no secret that a fireplace adds an unbeatable aesthetic to any household. They create a warm and inviting atmosphere, and can turn countless cold and dreary nights into great evenings with friends and family.

Unfortunately, many fireplaces struggle to live up to their reputation as far as heat distribution. If you have an older fireplace, you have probably realized it does not warm up the room as well as you might hope, despite its classic look and feel. While there are ways to help your traditional fireplace run more efficiently, they all call for a lot of work and extra accessories.

Invest In An Insert

The best and most recommended suggestion for improving efficiency and increasing temperatures is to invest in a fireplace insert. These inserts fit into your existing fireplace and there are countless options are far as designs and style. As years pass, they continue to become more and more energy efficient, and they have a strong reputation for heating up any room with ease.

If you are worried about losing that timeless quality that old-fashioned fireplace systems offer a home, then set your worries aside! Fireplace inserts are becoming a common addition to many homes and the styles being offered vary so that all preferences and tastes can be satisfied. One look at the options out there and you will not worry about finding the insert of your dreams.

Trust An Expert

As with most chimney and fireplace-related issues, turning to an expert will be the wisest option, as far as installation and regular maintenance. An insert that is not installed correctly may result in a loss of energy and inefficient heating capabilities. The unit needs to be as airtight as possible and insulated with proper materials that allow you to feel safe when using your fireplace.

Also, techniques and styles will differ based upon each homeowners’ specific fireplace set-up. A professional will be able to examine your specific situation and offer options that would be most suitable for your home.

Once your unit is installed, don’t forget to schedule regular maintenance! As with traditional fireplaces, an annual inspection and cleaning is required for ensuring efficiency and for keeping your home and family as safe as possible.

Turn To Us Today!

At Winston’s Chimney Service, we have the tools and expertise you are looking for when it comes to installing your insert. We can easily have your new insert ready to use within a day, allowing you and family members the ability to enjoy it all season long.

We can introduce you to a wide range of styles, whether you are looking for something super modern or more traditional. Whatever you need, we have the skills and knowledge to get you where you want to be. We are excited to get your fireplace looking and running great. Check us out online or give us a call today!