Greater Heating Fireplace Insert Image - Northern Virginia - Winston's Chimney ServiceTemperatures are already dropping and, before we know it, the ground will be covered with snow. While these conditions aren’t always ideal, they give families the opportunity to cozy up in front of their fireplace and enjoy some additional heat and comfort. If you are lucky enough to own a fireplace, moments like those can make the struggles associated with bad weather much more bearable.

Unfortunately, older fireplaces are known for pulling heat out of the home and causing energy bills to increase. Warm air can easily escape through the chimney and, despite taking precautions beforehand, you will likely find this problem hard to avoid. Even more effective solutions, such as chimney dampers, can fail from time to time, and you will still lose a large amount of precious heat.

The best way to maximize heat and lower those monthly bills is to have a fireplace insert installed.

Invest In A Professional Installation

If you want to ensure that you get the most you can out of your fireplace insert, then having a professional install it for you is the way to go. There is no point in purchasing and installing your insert, only to discover it is not running efficiently. A certified technician can ensure the job gets done right, so that you can heat your home effectively.

Hiring an expert will also ensure that everything is properly sealed and that your ventilation system is set up correctly with the new unit. Improper installation could lead to gas leaks and smoking issues, all of which trigger health problems for those living inside the home. Call in a professional to ensure your family stays out of harm’s way.

Finally, between purchasing tools, trekking to the store for parts, and dealing with any other issues that pop up along the way, you may wind up paying more than you think when you choose to do it yourself. Not to mention, if something goes wrong, you will need to pay a professional to address needed repairs, anyway.

Save yourself time, stress, and potential repair costs by having an expert set your system up. It’s not worth the extra hassle, and the risks involved, should something go wrong, could cause damage to your home and affect your family’s health.

We Can Help!

At Winston’s Chimney Service we can set you up right. Whether you need an installation, some repairs, an inspection, a cleaning, or more, we can help! We have staff that are trained and qualified to install your new insert, and we aim to impress with our professional attitude. We have received great reviews and ratings on our many services, and we are determined to leave you feeling completely satisfied with your fireplace.

Check us out online or give us a call today with any questions. We appreciate your business!