Installing a New Wood Insert in White Stone

A worker on the roof of a house being renovated, with Tyvek wrap and a ladder visible.

At Winston's Chimney Service, we recently had the pleasure of working on an exciting project in White Stone, VA. Our task was to install a brand-new wood insert for a homeowner who found us through an online search. This project was particularly interesting because it involved both indoor and outdoor work, and we completed it all in one day.

Getting Started: The Initial Setup

When we arrived at the property, the first thing that caught our eye was the house's steeply pitched roof with its chimney standing tall. The exterior walls were covered with Tyvek house wrap, indicating ongoing construction or renovation work. A ladder leaned against the house, and a pickup truck was parked out front, suggesting that other contractors might be working on different parts of the home.

House with steeply pitched roof and chimneyThe house with its steeply pitched roof and visible chimney.

Oscar Yanes, one of our skilled technicians, captured some photos to document our progress. The clear blue sky indicated perfect weather conditions for our work.

Indoor Preparations: Setting Up the Fireplace

Inside the house, we began by preparing the space where the new wood insert would be installed. The interior was still under construction, with exposed wooden studs and beams framing the area. We positioned a step ladder nearby and laid down protective floor covering labeled "FLAME RETARDANT" to ensure safety. The wood insert fireplace installation was already in progress within a wooden frame structure. A metal vent pipe extended from the top of the wood insert through the roof, ready to channel smoke safely outside.

Wood insert fireplace installation in progressWood insert fireplace installation in progress within a wooden frame structure.

We noticed various construction tools and safety equipment scattered around, including a hard hat on the floor in front of the fireplace. The text "MASON-LITE" was visible on the fireplace unit, indicating its brand or manufacturer.

Ensuring Safety: Fireproof Barriers and Insulation

As we continued our work, it became clear that safety was a top priority for this installation. The partially constructed fireplace was surrounded by USG DUROCK Cement Board, which acts as a fireproof barrier. Metal studs and wooden framing supported these cement boards. Behind the cement boards, insulation material was visible, likely installed for thermal management purposes. A flexible aluminum duct extended from a hole in the base of the fireplace to one side of the frame.

Partially constructed fireplace installation with fireproof barriers.

With everything set up indoors, it was time to focus on completing the chimney work outside.

Outdoor Work: Installing the Chimney Cap

On top of the roof, we installed a metal chimney cap on top of the wood stove pipe. This cap is crucial for preventing rainwater and debris from entering the chimney while allowing smoke to escape freely. The wood stove pipe protruded through a wooden platform sealed with blue flashing or sealant to ensure no leaks occurred around it. The surrounding environment included tall trees and a body of water, indicating that this home was situated in a rural or semi-rural setting.

Metal chimney cap installed on wood stove pipe atop wooden platform.

One of our team members' legs and feet were visible at the bottom of this photo, wearing work boots—a testament to our hands-on approach during installations.

The Final Touches: Ensuring Everything is Perfect

With both indoor preparations complete and outdoor installations secured, we took some time to double-check everything before wrapping up for good measure—ensuring all components were correctly fitted without any loose ends left behind! Throughout this entire process—from initial setup through final touches—we maintained open communication lines between ourselves & homeowners alike; keeping them informed every step along way so they knew exactly what happening when/where/how much longer until completion expected too! By end day not only did achieve goal successfully installing new wood insert but also left satisfied knowing provided exceptional service quality craftsmanship attention detail throughout entire project duration start finish alike!

Conclusion: Another Successful Project Completed!

In conclusion—our recent experience installing new wood inserts at White Stone VA serves prime example dedication expertise bring each every job undertake here Winston's Chimney Service! Whether you're looking upgrade existing system entirely new installation like this one rest assured team ready handle whatever challenges may arise along way ensuring ultimate satisfaction guaranteed always! If you need similar services done your own home don't hesitate reach out today via phone (+1 703 379 5006) website ( schedule consultation see firsthand difference can make yourself too!


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