Wood stoves have been a common source of heat in many homes and continue to be popular today.  Many people though, do not realize the importance of proper maintenance needed to keep the stove running smoothly and the users around safe.  You probably don’t want to think about your heating system for two seasons away, especially since you have your air running full blast to keep the heat out, but now may be the time to get ready for Old Man Winter. Cost of time and money are both reasons to think about chimney inspection in the warm months.

Wood Stove Maintenance - Northern Virginia - Winston's Chimney Service

Wood Stove Maintenance – Northern VA, MD, Washington DC – Winston’s Chimney Service

There are dangers involved with not cleaning your stove properly or continuing to run with broken parts.  Chimney inspections should be schedule by a professional at least once a year.  A chimney sweep will remove soot and other types of build up that may be located in various parts of the stove.  This substance is referred to as creosote, and can build at a higher rate in faulty machines. Creosote can cause chimney fires, so regular inspection and cleaning are simply not optional.

Creosote cannot only clog your stove or chimney, but make it have a foul odor as well.  This is caused when the air conditioner is turned on and there is a high humidity level.  The sweeping will help but sometimes you may have to take further steps such as adding baking soda or kitty litter inside.  If the odor is not stopped early enough, it could begin to leak into the home.  Don’t let a terrible smell be the reason you keep a clean chimney, but if the smell grabs your attention…follow up with a professional.

Lastly, financially summer is the best season to have your chimney checked.  Many times it is cheaper to get inspected early because there are less appointments scheduled.  This could save you money or give you some to spare to put toward replacing a part.  Call your local chimney inspector today and schedule your appointment so you’re ready to be warm all winter long!