When it comes to chimney maintenance, you’ll hear the same thing from pretty much any sweep – annual inspections are important! This is something that is stressed by companies all over the country, and the CSIA promotes it, too. Having your system checked out at least once a year will bring you the most long-term benefits, and it’s always a good idea to have it looked over before your burning season begins. Learn more below!

We Can Spot Damages Early

If your chimney is facing some minor damages, these might be hard to detect. Unfortunately, the longer they go without being addressed, the worse off your chimney will be in the long run – and running your fireplace will be dangerous, too! Spotting any issues early and getting them taken care of right away is always your best bet, and it will save you the most money down the line. The longer an issue goes on, the more expensive repair jobs get!

On this same note, using a chimney that needs repairs is very unsafe. You could encourage the buildup of creosote, trigger a chimney fire, face a living room of smoke, and more! It’s not worth taking any chances, especially when it comes to the well-being of loved ones. Let us check things over, so you know you’re good to go this holiday season.

We Can Spot Excess Creosote

We mentioned above that creosote buildup is dangerous. It’s normal for some to form over time, but when too much of it piles up, you may wind up facing some serious trouble. Creosote is highly flammable and, as it forms, your chances of experiencing a chimney fire start to increase. The more you have, the higher your risk is. Spotting it early is vital for avoiding more serious issues, and we can let you know if you’re due for a sweeping.

Chimney fires are not something to take lightly. They seriously weaken your structure, they melt mortar, and the intense heat can cause some real damage to your brickwork. These issues leave your home vulnerable, as stray flames are now given various pathways to your adjacent woodwork and roofing materials. You’ll need to invest in some expensive repair jobs before putting your fireplace to use again.

The scariest part is that, all too often, these fires occur unbeknownst to the homeowner. That means, many use their fireplace not knowing they are facing some huge risks! This is another reason why scheduling regular inspections is so important for the wellbeing of your home and the safety of loved ones. Don’t take any chances – call on our CSIA certified staff today!

We Are Qualified To Serve You

Here at Winston’s Chimney Service, we know how important it is to work with businesses you can trust. Customers throughout the area have been relying on us since 1978 and we are more than confident we can help you out, too. With the holidays coming up fast, there’s no time to lose – give us a call today!