Winston’s Takes Pride In Serving Potomac Home And Business Owners

Potomac homeowners take immense pride in their homes, and we like to think that makes Winston’s Chimney Service the only chimney company to turn to here since we take a similarly fierce pride in our service.

We’ve been working on residential and commercial chimney systems in the area for more than three decades, and that experience shows in the quality of our service. From restoring ornate fireplaces in beautiful historic buildings to maintaining elegant (or simple) newer fireplaces, Winston’s can do it all — and every job we do is based on our Service Excellence Guarantee, which shows you that we won’t settle for anything other than your complete satisfaction with our skilled, CSIA-certified technicians’ work.


Some Chimney Work That Winston’s Regularly Provides To Potomac Clients

Chimney And Fireplace Restoration

Caring for historic chimneys and fireplaces in grand Potomac homes requires expert knowledge and experience — things that Winston’s can proudly boast ownership of. Our technicians are trained to understand the meticulous work that goes into properly restoring older chimneys and fireplaces, from using the correct materials to the correct processes to maintain both beauty and function.

In restoring a historic chimney system, we start with an in-depth inspection that gives us a thorough understanding of how the system is working, what needs improvement and issues that may have developed that could be leading to performance problems or damage. We assess clearance issues, codes and standards and needs before developing a plan that will make the system better than new. We can work with most budgets to improve older fireplaces and chimneys, and it’s one of our favorite parts of the job — there’s great satisfaction in seeing a beautiful piece of history restored to its former glory.

Improvements And Preventative Measures

Winston’s technicians can make any chimney or appliance repairs as they become necessary, but we’re also glad to suggest ways to improve your system beforehand, to offer better performance and make damage less likely.

A few improvements we commonly recommend:

Having a waterproofing sealant applied to your masonry chimney can markedly extend the service life of that masonry. It allows the material to function as it needs to, expelling vapors and tiny particles from the inside of the flue to the outside, but it keeps moisture from being absorbed into the brick and mortar, and that can help stop leaks, degradation and erosion. It’s a small investment that we’ve seen bring significant benefits.

Top-sealing Dampers
The design of older throat dampers minimizes their effectiveness — they close off the flue using a metal plate that can corrode, break or get stuck, and even when it’s working well, a metal plate can only seal so much. Top-sealing dampers, on the other hand, completely seal off the flue using a rubber gasket, helping minimize energy loss and lasting far longer. These are much better dampers, and homeowners often see energy savings that pay for the damper in short order.

Winston’s Chimney Service can help Potomac home and business owners with any and all chimney needs. Just give us a call!


The residents in Prince George’s County know they can rely on Winston’s Chimney Service to maintain their chimneys, fireplaces, and dryer vents for safe, efficient performance year after year. Living in this part of Maryland certainly has its advantages!