A masonry chimney is a beautiful part of any home and truly adds an aesthetic that you won’t find anywhere else. Yet, if regular maintenance is not applied, your masonry will start to crumble fast! Learn more about some of the more common types of masonry deterioration (and how to spot them) below. Then, keep reading to discover how we can help you prevent any further damage down the line!

Water Damage

Water damage happens all too often, and we hate to see the negative effect it can have on someone’s masonry. Brickwork is a lot more absorbent than many realize and, once that water gets sucked in, it doesn’t take long for damage to occur! This damage can lead to inconvenience, expensive repairs, and a lot of unwanted stress.

If you are worried about water damage, here are some things to look out for. Clogs, rot, rust, cracks, decay, stains, and holes are all indications that water may be penetrating your brickwork. You’ll also want to keep an eye on your chimney’s overall structure. If you see any signs of tilting or leaning, give us a call as soon as possible.

And if you’re ready to prevent water damage from happening at all, take these precautions for the protection you deserve! First of all, you’ll want to have waterproofing done. Mind you, this should be done after all necessary repairs and/or rebuilds are completed. This is so that you get the best results possible for years to come.

You should also have a chimney cap installed, and you’ll want to make sure your chimney crown is in tip-top shape, too. Have your flashing checked over or get some installed if you have none and, lastly, consider installing a cricket to prevent any further leaks from occurring.

Accidental Damage

Another common problem is when your masonry gets struck by some outside force. Whether it’s a tree, a rock, or some type of heavy machinery, accidents happen. You should always inspect your masonry after something like this occurs. Keep an eye on things and call us in to do some further inspecting. When it comes to your chimney, you won’t want to take any chances!

Improper Construction

Unfortunately, some chimneys were simply constructed improperly. I could be that past repair serviceman may have done a poor job patching up holes, cracks, or other issues. If this is the case, your chimney won’t be able to withstand much wear and tear, and you’ll need a better job done fast. That’s where you can count on us!

Our repair staff is trained and certified in masonry repair, tuckpointing, rebuilds, waterproofing, and lots more! Browse our site today to learn more, then give us a call to get your appointment scheduled. When it comes to protecting your masonry, there’s no time to lose!