Do you have a goal list for the New Year? If so, we have something you should add to it. Scheduling your annual chimney inspection! Getting this done now allows you the peace of mind you deserve this winter. If you know you are due for an inspection and cleaning, call in the professionals at Winston’s Chimney Service to do the job right.

Dangers Of A Dirty Chimney

Most homeowners know that they need yearly check-ups for their chimney. However, many do not realize just how dangerous a dirty chimney can be. Creosote is a substance that forms as you burn fuel. Consequently, the more of it there is, the worse off your chimney will be. Creosote is very flammable and can trigger fires, which wears on the overall health of your chimney.

Other problems that occur are blockages and smoke back-up. If birds or other creatures decide to build nests in your chimney, your venting system will plug up. This leads to harmful toxins and smoke backing up in your home. On top of this, if animals find their way in, but can’t find their way back out, you could be facing some nasty odors and/or pest problems.

Proper ventilation is vital in maintaining a well-run fireplace, but it also keeps your home and family safer, as well. If carbon monoxide enters your home, your family and friends could face some major illnesses. We recommended installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home, so you will be alerted right away if any toxins are present. These devices save countless lives every year – have your installed today!

We Perform Level I, II, & III Inspections

Our staff is CSIA trained and certified to perform Level I, II, and III inspections. So, you will get the care you need, no matter what.

  • Level I inspections are more common and consist of basic maintenance for appliances that have not had any changes in the past year.
  • Level II and III inspections are a bit more in-depth. If you have just moved into a home, are moving out of a home, or if you have had changes made to your fireplace, we would recommend a level II overview.
  • Level III inspections are reserved for more extreme cases. If your chimney is in bad enough condition, a level III inspection will be performed. After that assessment, we can move forward with appropriate techniques for getting your chimney back in the best condition possible.

Need Repairs? We Do Those, Too!

On top of dirt and debris build-up, it is not uncommon for chimneys to need repairs on a regular basis. In addition, finding and addressing these repairs right away is very important! This keeps your fireplace in good condition. The longer you hold off, the worse things will get, leading to expensive maintenance costs down the line.

Along with this, brickwork that has been worn down or exposed to excess moisture will weaken faster than brickwork that has had regular upkeep. Damages can lead to settlements or chimney collapses, leaving you with a big problem. Save yourself time, money, and stress by calling us in right away. We look forward to working with you!