If you do laundry on a regular basis, then lint is likely something you are well familiar with. While a small amount of lint is not a big threat to your home, having a lot of it can eventually lead to some big problems. Learn more about the lint in your dryer vents below, then count on our experts to help you remove it. Winston’s Chimney Service has got your back!

Lint Clogs Things Up

dog holding laundryAs your dryer gets put to use, lint will build up in your vents. It is important to have this build up regularly removed to ensure your system can properly vent out fumes and potentially poisonous gases. Clogged up vents increase the chance of carbon monoxide exposure significantly.

Not familiar with the harmful effects of carbon monoxide? This gas triggers illness in a hurry, giving people symptoms similar to that of the flu. People have reported feelings of nausea, dizziness, confusion, headaches, and more. When these symptoms are not addressed promptly, carbon monoxide can be fatal.

All in all, having a professional address your vents is very important when it comes to operating your appliance as safely as possible. We also recommend investing in carbon monoxide detectors for your home.

Lint Is Flammable

Were you aware that thousands of house fires occur every single year in the United States due to homeowners failing to maintain their dryer vents? This has led to close to one hundred injuries, and has even caused some deaths. Even in instances where no one was in the home, a fire can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage in no time.

If your dryer cannot vent properly, it will overheat. Combine those high temperatures with your flammable lint, and you are looking at a disaster waiting to happen! Cleaning the lint trap before and after each load of laundry is a big step in the right direction, but annual dryer vent cleanings are a must, as well.

Lint Causes Inefficiency

The fact of the matter is, the more lint you have in your vents, the harder your dryer has to work. If you find yourself running cycle after cycle to get your clothes dry, then a thorough cleaning may be just what you need to get things running more efficiently again. Stop wasting time and energy running your dryer all day long by investing in the professional care you deserve today!

Our Professionals Are Here To Help

Ready to get this yearly maintenance done and out of the way? Then, give our team of experts a call. Our busy season is still months away, so we easily schedule an appointment during a time that is convenient for you. Gain the peace of mind you deserve by reaching out today. We would love to set you up right!