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Our Trained & Certified Professionals Can Fix Your Leaky Chimney

Call On Winston’s Chimney Service Expert Technicians To Address Your Chimney Leak Issues!

Water is devastating for your chimney system and fireplace. Since your chimney and fireplace is made of many metal and stone/brick parts, water can quickly erode and corrode these materials to cause a major problem. However, the trained and experienced professionals at Winston’s Chimney Service offer multiple solutions to solve your leaky chimney problems. Whether it’s your chimney cap, damper, crown, or the masonry itself that’s causing problems, you can trust that we can get to the source of the leak and stop it!
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Reasons to get your leaky chimney repairs now

Your chimney and fireplace is very susceptible to water, and overtime a leak can cause major problems. We offer the following repairs to restore your chimney.

  • Chimney Cap – Whether you want to keep water, animals or debris out of your flue, a chimney cap is a great investment to protect your flue. We even offer chimney caps with mesh sides to keep out pesky animals and debris!
  • Top-End Damper – If you are losing heated air from your home this winter, you should invest in a air-tight top-end damper.
  • Chimney Crown Repair – As cracks and gaps form on your crown, this can expand and worsen in the winter because of the freeze and thaw cycle. Our expert masons can repair and restore your chimney crown.
  • Chimney Waterproofing – Your masonry is the most vulnerable to water as it is exposed to all the elements. However, we offer long-lasting waterproofing solution -ChimneySaver – to protect your masonry for years to come. 

Testimonials from our customers

The bricks of our chimney were absorbing water and damaging the interior ceiling. Rob and Justin applied a waterproofing sealant to exterior chimney bricks; repaired the masonry crown; applied Heat Shield resurfacing; and replaced the damper. They were professional, attentive to our concerns, and tidy when it came to clean up. They performed the scheduled work on time and quickly. So far no more water issues, and we have enjoyed several fires in the fireplace this season. We will be calling them next year for our annual chimney inspection. Thanks Rob and Justin!
Cara Smith

Outstanding, professional service. Elmer, Oslim and Evar were a great team. Expertly matched 50 year old unique brick. Excellent workmanship. Left the work area immaculate. Superior company from estimate process through project completion. Very responsive front office. Their referred flashing sub-contractor, Sam, did an equally outstanding job.
Eileen Granfield