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Here at Winston’s Chimney Service, our technicians are Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified, have decades of industry experience, and we are fully capable of installing fireplaces, wood stoves, wood stove inserts, and just about any chimney or fireplace appliance available in the market.

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of luxury to your home or simply want a more efficient way to heat your living space, installing a fireplace is a great option. But before you get started, it’s essential to do your research, get an understanding of the process, and hire a team that really knows what they’re doing.

Our team is here to help you every step of the way – from installations to the care your system needs afterward. Whether you live in Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, Fairfax County, Arlington County, Alexandria, or in the Washington, DC area, we have skilled technicians nearby, and we’d love to set you up right.

What To Expect From Us

What happens after you hire our crew for the job?

We will evaluate what you currently have, then show you selections and make recommendations based on your setup and preferences. Our goal is to give you everything you need to make a great decision about what to install, so you can cozy up to your new fireplace in no time.

What questions should I consider before upgrading my fireplace?

Remember that, today, more than ever before, the options you have are vast. For instance, the old and cumbersome wood stoves of the past have been replaced by newer, sleeker, and more energy-efficient (and EPA-rated) units that will generate enough heat to warm even the larger portions of your home. 

And the same is true for every other appliance in the market – a lot of changes have happened in recent years. That said, weighing your options and taking your time to make the best decision possible is important. Consider the following:

    • Would you prefer burning wood, gas, or another fuel type?
    • If you’d prefer gas, do you already have a gas line installed?
    • If wood is the preferred route, do you have easy access to it? A good storage spot?
    • Do you have a chimney already in place or will you need venting installed?
    • Are you looking for more heat or for improved aesthetics?
    • Will your choice lend itself to more or less maintenance considerations?
    • What type of budget are you working with?
    • What are your local building codes and regulations?

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider, but it’s nothing our experts can’t help you out with. And the best part? Many times, the installation process can be done in just one day.

Do You Have a Factory-Built or Prefab Fireplace?

If you have a factory-built or prefab fireplace that has come to the end of its safe service life, we can replace that as well – and you have many choices for replacement purposes. There are styles that look more like a traditional masonry fireplace, as well as Built-In Stoves (BIS) that are designed to increase heat output and to be installed in a wood framed wall, just like your existing fireplace.

Sound like an upgrade or replacement is the right move forward? We’ve got you covered. Like we’ve mentioned, there isn’t much our knowledgeable crew can’t help you with.

Tech testing gas inserts wearing hat, long sleeve shirt and tool belt.  Sofa and plant in the background

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What Are the Benefits of Upgrading an Old Fireplace?

If you have an old fireplace, upgrading it can provide numerous benefits, both in functionality and in aesthetic appeal. Some include:

  • Heightened Efficiency:  Being able to update your fireplace or wood stove with a system that has a better EPA rating and that delivers more heat with better efficiency is a great choice when redoing or renovating a room.
  • Improved Air Quality:  If your fireplace is old, it could be letting in harmful pollutants that affect air quality. This is especially concerning if you have people in your home with asthma or existing respiratory issues. Upgrading to a modern option can help to reduce harmful emissions and help your household breathe fresher air.
  • Increased Safety:  Older fireplaces – especially ones that haven’t faced regular maintenance – might not operate as safely as newer options. Consider switching to a modern fireplace with proper ventilation and safety features to reduce the risk or hazards and to provide some peace of mind.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics:  As the focal point of most rooms, fireplaces should always be looking good and in touch with your style preferences. If you have a system that’s more of an eyesore, an upgrade will improve the value of your home and make your space much more enjoyable to be in overall.
  • More Convenience:  Older fireplaces can be a hassle to use, requiring you to constantly tend to the fire and clean up ash and debris. Upgrading to a modern fireplace with features like remote control operation and automatic ignitions can help to make using your system a more convenient and enjoyable experience.
  • Increased Home Value:  Upgrades or renovations in any part of your home will boost its value – and your fireplace is no exception. In addition, many people have fireplaces on their future home wish list, so if you invest in an energy-efficient one with a sleek and modern design, it can be a major selling point down the line.
  • Easy Fuel Conversions:  Wood options are great, but they’re also a lot of work – and can create some big messes. If you’re sick of your old wood fireplace, upgrading to something like a gas insert can be an easy way to switch fuel types, making your life a lot easier all around.
  • Increased Comfort:  All in all, an upgrade can make your home a more cozy and comfortable place to be. A modern system will help to distribute heat more evenly throughout your living space and offer an ambiance that makes every evening more relaxing and enjoyable.

Have we convinced you to switch things up? Give us a call, so we can get the ball rolling.

Which Is Best – Fireplace Inserts, Masonry Fireplaces, or Gas Systems?

Deciding which type of fireplace is best for your home can be a difficult choice. Fireplace inserts are normally the least expensive, easiest to install, and are known for their high efficiency levels. However, masonry fireplaces have the most traditional look, along with great heat radiation and UL standards.

Then, there’s gas fireplaces, which offer heightened convenience in terms of operational maintenance and starting your fires, but don’t produce quite as much heat as a wood-burning system. 

So, how’s one to decide between the three? Well, it’s important to consider which features are most important to you, so you can determine which would be best suited to your needs.

Fireplace Inserts


Requires existing fireplace or new chimney installation


More efficient, can heat a larger area with less fuel

Fuel type

Wood, gas, pellet or electric


Easy to maintain and clean

Design options

Limited design options, generally not customizable


Can be more expensive upfront but cheaper to operate

Environmental impact

Some models are eco-friendly with low emissions


Safer than traditional fireplaces, most have safety features like glass doors and automatic shut-off switches

Heat output

Can provide more heat with less fuel, often come with blowers to circulate heat

Masonry Fireplaces


Built from scratch


Less efficient, heat mostly escapes through the chimney

Fuel type

Wood or gas


Requires frequent maintenance, cleaning and repairs

Design options

Unlimited design options, can be customized to fit any space


Cheaper upfront but more expensive to operate in the long run

Environmental impact

Traditional wood-burning fireplaces are not environmentally friendly


Can be dangerous if not maintained properly, risk of chimney fires

Heat output

Produce less heat and can be difficult to control the amount of heat output

Gas Fireplaces


Requires a gas line and venting installation


Efficient and customizable with variable heat output

Fuel type

Natural gas or propane


Easy to maintain and clean

Design options

Wide range of design options, customizable flame patterns and finishes


Moderate upfront cost, moderate to low operating costs

Environmental impact

Environmentally friendly with low emissions and high efficiency


Safe to use with automatic shut-off switches and oxygen depletion sensors

Heat output

Efficient heat output with variable heat settings and blower options

In the end, all three options – fireplace inserts, traditional masonry fireplace, and gas fireplaces – have positives and negatives, all of which need to be weighed before a decision is made. All preferences vary based on budget, desired aesthetic, size of the room being heated, and more. We can help you evaluate your needs carefully before making your choice. 

What Are the Planning Phases When Installing a Fireplace?

At Winston’s Chimney Service, the first priority after you make your decision on what type of fireplace you would like to install, will be making sure that the entire installation process is done safely and according to local codes. It’s important to take the time to consider permits and inspections. We will get the proper permits for the project, so that both you, as the homeowner, and our crew are protected.

We will also complete any necessary inspections of the existing unit you are replacing or the area where you choose to install the new unit. This is to ensure that, from the beginning, we are able to do what you want to do as safely and efficiently as possible.

Taking the time to go through this process will make the installation of the fireplace run more smoothly for everyone involved.

Can I Install a Fireplace Myself, or Do I Need a Professional?

Installing a fireplace may seem like a simple do-it-yourself kind of job, but there are many considerations to take into account before diving in. We look at the fuel you require, what it will take to install the unit to code, and what needs to be done to ensure proper ventilation. 

The truth is, we’ve been called in way too many times to fix a DIY job that went bad, so we always recommend a professional installation – not just to ensure that the job is done correctly and safely, but also to satisfy your insurance company, maintain any warranties, and avoid potential property damage or financial losses down the line.

So, what can you expect to pay for a job like this?

The cost will depend on both the size of your project (Does it require a tear out, a rebuild, etc.?), as well as the unit you want to purchase – which means that giving you a price here on the site isn’t something we like to do until we get a better scope of your needs.

That said, entrusting an experienced chimney repair company like Winston’s Chimney Service with the task is likely to give you the best possible result in terms of avoiding big damages and saving the most money over time.

Tech testing gas fireplace insert wearing blue hat and shirt with digital equipment sitting to his right.

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What Has to Be Done Before a New Fireplace Can be Installed?

Not every situation will be the same, but there are some tasks that almost always need to be completed before a fireplace installation job can move forward. These items can change depending on the type of unit you decide to buy and what type of unit it’s replacing, but rest assured, we’ll always go over all the steps with you once we have the particulars for your job. 

However, this will give you an idea of what we do to prep for an install job.

      • Framing and insulation are usually among the first set of steps for getting a job of this nature rolling and off the ground. The support frames need to be carefully built in order to properly hold up the fireplace structure, while the insulation helps effectively contain heat within the fireplace area. 
      • Additionally, depending on the unit and what is already available in your home, a chimney or venting system may need to be installed in order to disperse smoke away from the inside of your space and to the outside where it belongs.
      • Once these steps are complete, more specific aspects such as gas line installation and electrical wiring will be handled by our certified professionals, who have knowledge and expertise to get it done safely and correctly. 
      • Finally, depending on the unit, firebox installation services might be performed. And since this area includes several essential components that must function correctly in combination with other parts of the build or unit, you really should have a chimney professional do this type of work. 

Ultimately, completing all of the necessary steps for your unit will result in a professionally installed fireplace that you can appreciate for many years to come.

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What’s the Difference Between Direct Vent & Vent-Free Gas Fireplaces?

DIRECT VENT FIREPLACES are sealed combustion systems that draw air from the outside and burn it along with natural gas or propane, creating a virtually smokeless, low-heat flame.

This type of fireplace needs to be installed through an exterior wall or ceiling and will exit exhaust gases outside. 

VENT-FREE FIREPLACES, on the other hand, are open-flame systems, meaning they don’t require an external vent. Instead, all byproducts of combustion are exhausted within the home.

As nice as this may sound for installation and convenience, it can admittedly lower air quality within the house as certain levels of emissions, such as carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and acidic vapor are higher risk with this type of fireplace compared to a direct vent system.

Do I Need a Chimney for My Fireplace Installation?

Whether or not you need a chimney for your new fireplace ultimately depends on what type of fireplace you choose. 

For traditional wood-fired fireplaces, you will need a working chimney in order to draw smoke up and out of the house, thus protecting your space and keeping your indoor air quality maintained. However, for modern gas fireplaces, a chimney isn’t always necessary, as these can ventilate directly through the wall behind it.

If you’re unsure about which fireplace would best suit your needs and whether or not a chimney is required, give us a call here at Winston’s Chimney Service. We’ll be happy to answer any questions and help you determine the best path for moving forward.

Does a Chimney Company Just Install the Fireplace Part? Do They Install the Finishes Too?

When it comes to fireplace installation, brick and stone work, mantel installation, and flooring installation, we’ve got good news. You can get an elegant and functional appliance with quality components and finishes all from the same chimney contractor here in the Northern VA and Washington DC area. Just hire the crew at Winston’s Chimney Service to handle it all. 

Our experts build everything from a firebox that enhances the look and safety of a new or existing fireplace to brick and stone work designed to be aesthetically pleasing and durable enough to withstand the expected temperatures. 

Tech installing decorative molding around fireplace wearing a blue shirt using small nail gun.

As for mantels, they come in many styles that can accentuate any home, and we will install them to adhere to proper clearances and in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. This isn’t something you want to skimp on, as heat can not only cause televisions above the mantel to melt, but can also cause poorly installed mantels to catch on fire. 

Flooring is another area that must be considered when installing a fireplace. The installation should be customized to suit the specs, so it does not fail due to the heat from the new unit. 

All of these options create beautiful solutions for your family, while staying within the specifications of your appliance or masonry unit. We want you to love and enjoy your fireplace and know it will be there for years to come. Trust our team to accomplish just that.

Is Financing Available for a Fireplace Installation?

If you’re looking for a way to finance your fireplace installation, you certainly have options. While it’s possible to pay for the installation in full at the time of purchase, Winston’s Chimney Service offers financing through EnerBank USA to make it as easy as possible for our customers. 

The two main options that our customers love are:

12 months same-as-cash

5-year payment plan starting at 7.99%

Of course, you can also use a major credit card or bank home improvement loan if that is best for you and your family. We have found that most of our customers like the choices from EnerBank USA, and we want you to find one best suited to your budget and needs.

Tech sharing information collected regarding fireplace repairs with a handheld ipad so customer can decide on budget needs.

Trust Our Techs From Start to Finish

Let us wow you. Our techs are highly experienced, have gone through thorough and exhaustive training programs, and we truly care about putting the needs of the neighborhoods we serve first. We have many positive reviews on multiple sites in the area, and we would love you to review us once we have worked for you too.

In the end, ensuring the families we serve stay safer, happier, and content with their fireplace services is our biggest goal. It’s one we’ve been achieving for many years – and there’s no end in sight.

Whatever your fireplace installation needs are, we can help get you the look you desire from start to finish. Reach out online or give us a call at 703-379-5006 today to get started.

When you are in need of chimney or fireplace restoration services, you can count on the chimney services expertise of our knowledgeable crews. 

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