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Gas fireplaces, inserts, stoves, and log sets have a lot to offer. They provide a great ambiance, they’re energy-efficient, they up the value of your home, and they’re easy to use and maintain. No need to break a sweat getting the fire started or wait for the fire to die out so you can properly dispose of the ashes. With gas, everything’s as easy as pressing a button and kicking up your feet.

It’s no wonder so many homeowners these days are making the switch. 

…but low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance. That’s why every gas appliance manufacturer recommends annual inspections and service for gas appliances. 

Like all appliances, gas systems need to be professionally installed and routinely serviced to ensure they’re working as they should for as long as they should. So, you’ll still need to schedule routine service and cleanings with a professional tech.

Here at Winston’s Chimney Service, we’re experienced gas appliance service technicians who know just what to do to keep things working and looking great. We’re here to help our neighbors in Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia with it all.

What Gas Services Can Winston’s Offer?

Our team specializes in all aspects of gas services, including:

  • Gas Line Installation: Adding a gas fireplace where you didn’t previously have one? Our Master Gas Fitter can plan the gas line layout, then install the piping, fitting, and valves, making sure everything is set up safely and perfectly for your new appliance.
  • Gas Insert, Stove & Fireplace Installation: Looking for an experienced pro to ensure your new appliance is installed correctly and according to manufacturer’s instructions? We’ve got you covered, so you can safely enjoy the system night after night. No matter the brand, model, or where you bought it, our techs will install it right.
  • Gas Appliance Service: In order to maintain its safety and efficiency, your gas appliance will need to be serviced routinely. Most manufacturers recommend booking an annual service, and our team knows just what to do and what to check for. We’ll inspect and clean the system inside and out, and offer repairs, as needed, to ensure you’re getting the best performance possible.

What’s Included in Our Gas Service Checklist?

Here are just some of the things we do when we service a gas appliance:

  • Clean the glass
  • Check the media for soot and adjust the heater as needed
  • Inspect the gasketing and glass assembly
  • Remove dirt and dust from firebox and logs
  • Inspect the firebox for damage and rust
  • Check the pilot assembly
  • Clean the outside of the firebox
  • Check the vent for blockages and damage
  • Check the CO detector
  • Check the burner
  • Check the gas control valve and gas lines
  • Check the blower operation
  • Evaluate the flames and adjust the air shutter as needed
  • Check the thermocouple
  • Check the thermostat and remote
  • Evaluate the condition of each component and recommend replacements as needed
  • Reassemble the fireplace

We also have a Master Gas Fitter on staff, so if there are issues with your gas line, we can look into it for you.

Can Winston’s service a gas appliance they didn’t install?

Definitely – even if we didn’t install your gas appliance, we can still service it. Our technicians are trained and proficient in all gas appliances and can safely and thoroughly meet your routine service needs. 

And if you’re having trouble with your appliance or experiencing any issues, we can quickly troubleshoot the problem and offer you the perfect solution. Some common issues we resolve include:

  • problems with the burner or pilot light
  • excessive soot buildup
  • issues with the thermostat
  • problems with the blower
  • …and more

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Why Trust Your Gas Service Needs to Winston’s?

Quality, reliable gas fireplace service and repair work requires help from a certified, experienced, and licensed chimney company with well-trained staff. In this ever-evolving industry, finding techs who are certified in the latest technology and safety standards is a must.

In addition, because gas fireplaces represent an investment in both your home and your pocketbook, it’s important to make sure that any work performed on your fireplace meets local codes and regulations.

Now, we know you have options, so you might be wondering, “Why should I trust this company to take care of my gas service needs?”.

    By searching online and checking out reviews – or asking around your community – you will quickly find that Winston’s Chimney Service will be able to effectively inspect and repair any issue with your gas fireplace promptly and efficiently.

    Depending on the level of service needed by your gas fireplace, we offer preventive maintenance services that can help keep your gas hearth appliance working properly and save you money in the long run.

    We have experience, knowledge, and a commitment to customer safety and satisfaction to ensure you’re 100% pleased with the end results. 

    Our techs are CSIA- and NFI-certified, and we have a Master Gas Fitter on staff who can handle any and everything with ease and professionalism.

    There’s no denying it. Whether you need to have gas run to a new area of your home, need help deciding on the perfect new gas insert for your space, or you’ve just invested in a new gas appliance and want to make sure it continues to work well and look great for as long as possible, we’re the team to rely on.

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    Why Should You Service a Gas Fireplace?

    Before beginning your burning season, it’s essential to know your system is running correctly, safely, and efficiently. This is where booking regular maintenance and servicing comes in.

    A certified gas technician, like one of the team members here at Winston’s, can ensure everything is in tip-top shape. We’ll check that the gas line is not leaking, the pilot light is burning properly, and all components are working properly, so you can rest easier for the long haul.

    What happens if this maintenance is avoided? 

    Putting off this maintenance could lead to an increased risk of carbon monoxide leaks. If clogs or obstructions are present in your flue or venting materials, this could also lead to inefficient heating due to reduced airflow. 

    In addition, you could have components that are broken down or not functioning appropriately – which can put your system and household at risk. All in all, servicing will help to maintain optimal performance and extend the life of your appliance, reducing repair and replacement costs down the line. 

    Has it been over a year since your last service? Reach out to one of our gas technicians who. Trust us – the cost of calling a pro now will be far less than dealing with costly repairs later down the road.

    How Often Do Gas Fireplaces Need to be Serviced?

    Gas inserts and fireplaces add a lot to any home – like an instant source of heat, consistent and dependable warmth, and a convenient way to make your home cozier and more comfortable. To maintain these benefits, though, it’s essential to establish a regular maintenance routine.

    Industry professionals recommend having your gas fireplace serviced annually – before the start of the burning season. Why every year? Well, this not only keeps you and your family safer and more secure, but it will also help maintain the health of your appliance – eliminating the need for a replacement before you’d normally expect it and saving you money in the long run.

    What can I expect during my gas fireplace service?

    During your gas appliance service, one of our certified gas technicians will inspect your entire system for any damaged parts or faulty connections. We’ll also clean out anything that might have built up inside the flue or venting materials.

    Routine gas system service will also typically involve inspecting the gas lines, safety controls, burners, and pilot light assembly. This minimizes the risk of any noxious odors (caused by contaminated air ducts) leaking into your home, as well as improving airflow and heating efficiency – all of which can up your energy bills if not addressed.

    Why is annual upkeep so important?

    • Proper maintenance of your gas system will guard against any unexpected breakdowns.
    • Annual maintenance can help to increase system life span.
    • These overviews ensure that your fireplace is in good working order.
    • Without it, you may not be aware of any malfunctions that could result in a hazardous situation – with the potential for deadly consequences.

    Regular inspections should be conducted by certified chimney gas technicians who are trained to identify faulty components and safely make any necessary repairs. With Winston’s Chimney Service as your service provider, you can trust that you are receiving top-quality service at an affordable rate from techs who truly care about putting your safety first.

    Is it Cheaper to Repair or Replace a Gas Fireplace?

    If your gas system is damaged, you might be wondering if you should spend the money on repairs, or if you’d be better off replacing the unit altogether.

    Unfortunately, this isn’t always a simple thing to navigate. In many cases, repairing a gas fireplace and having necessary components replaced can be less costly right up front. That said, an older model may no longer have replacement parts readily available, which could make replacing the unit the better route, ensuring more efficient heating and a longer-lasting value.

    You’ll also want to keep in mind that replacement costs may prove costly if additional installation and venting requirements are needed. Ultimately, it’ll depend on what type of appliance you have, how old it is, and how much damage your system has experienced.

    If you need help navigating this process, please reach out – our experts are here and happy to help.

    How much does it cost to fix a pilot light on a gas fireplace?

    Fixing a pilot light on a gas fireplace is generally an affordable and easy task that an experienced professional can do in a short amount of time. That said, the price of fixing a pilot light can change based on many factors, such as the type and age of the gas fireplace.

    For instance, issues with supply chains discontinuing parts could mean that needed components aren’t available, and we may not always be able to readily get the parts. So for this reason we choose not to give prices or timelines for these components. 

    However, if you call the office and let us know the type of gas fireplace or insert you have, we should be able to see if we can source those parts quickly and give you a price. The most important thing we can do for you is to make sure you get the correct parts for the pilot light, so everything continues to run safely and efficiently.

    How much does it cost to tear out a gas fireplace?

    If you’ve decided on the replacement route, you might be wondering what the process will entail. But before taking this step, you should research the costs associated with tearing out an outdated gas fireplace. 

    Several factors affect the overall cost to safely tear out and dispose of a gas fireplace, such as the materials in the existing structure, the need for specialized tools, and additional labor that might be required to properly remove any sealed fittings and tubing. A certified gas technician can provide an estimate on supplies, haulage fees, and labor costs for the job.

    In any case, it’s important to make sure that you get the right technicians from a reputable contractor like Winston’s Chimney Service – especially if your house is older – to make sure your job gets done correctly.

    Do Gas Inserts & Fireplaces Need To Be Cleaned?

    Because gas inserts are so easy to maintain and operate, many assume cleanings and annual maintenance isn’t a necessity. This isn’t the case, though. Yes, fireplace inserts have many advantages… but they do require some proper servicing in order to provide optimal performance.

    It’s important that the flue, air inlets, heat exchangers, and other components of the gas fireplace get inspected and cleaned regularly in order to keep them functioning properly and mitigate potential hazards. 

    What else does this maintenance consist of?  Regular maintenance of your gas insert can include cleaning the venting system at least once per year, wiping down the glass with a damp cloth (as needed to keep it free from sooting up), and checking all mechanical controls and valves. 

    Access panels and the gas line should also be inspected by a certified gas technician yearly, and you’ll also want to invest in cleaning and refreshing the log set annually to get the best results possible. 

    Seem like a lot? Trust us – proper upkeep of a gas insert will help ensure both safety and peak performance, making this a well worthwhile investment. Annual service by a certified gas technician from Winston’s Chimney Service ensures you’re getting the most out of your fireplace and can continue to enjoy it for years to come.

    Annual service by a certified gas technician from Winston’s Chimney Service ensures you’re getting the most out of your fireplace.

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    What Is the Lifespan of a Gas Fireplace?

    So, you’ve made the investment in a wonderful gas fireplace, but now you’re wondering… how long can you expect to enjoy it before a replacement will be in order?

    In most cases, gas fireplaces should last around 15 – 20 years – that is, if they are properly cared for and maintained by a professional tech. To keep the firebox and other components in good condition for years to come, make sure to have regular inspections completed by a certified gas technician.

    That way, small issues can be addressed promptly and any necessary adjustments or replacements can be taken care of, ensuring you many years of enjoyment ahead. 

    What Is the Most Common Problem with Gas Fireplaces?

    Gas fireplaces are a popular choice for homeowners looking to add decorative and functional heat to their homes. With proper installation and maintenance, these fixtures can be a great addition to any living space. 

    Unfortunately, because of misuse or lack of knowledge about the appliance, there is often one major problem that arises with gas fireplaces: poor ventilation. 

    Venting a gas fireplace is essential for allowing proper airflow, so that the exhaust system can function properly and combustible gases don’t become trapped in your home environment. 

    Poorly installed venting or vents that are blocked from animals or other debris can cause a backup of gas in surrounding areas, resulting in insufficient combustion and producing unpleasant odors. Investing time into understanding the needs of your gas fireplace and having it inspected regularly will make all the difference in preventing this common problem.

    What Is the Difference Between a Gas Fireplace and a Gas Insert?

    So, you need a new system, and you know gas is the way to go. So, would a gas insert or gas fireplace be a better addition to your home? Well, they both can add a lot to any space, but they do have distinct differences.

    A gas fireplace is an all-in-one unit, usually installed directly into an existing structure, like a wall. A gas insert, on the other hand, is designed to fit into an existing masonry or prefab wood-burning fireplace. This means, a new insert would require more installation steps than a fireplace – which may play a role in your decision-making process.

    All that said, a gas insert typically has higher heating efficiency ratings than a gas fireplace, which is a huge draw for those looking to increase heat output. This is due to the units being literally “inserted” into the existing fireplace. This allows them to use the pre-existing masonry for additional reflection of heat – rather than relying solely on its own ability to produce warmth.

    Another difference between the two types of fireplaces is their appearance. Inserts can come with different styles of trim that can be added for more aesthetic appeal. If you need something specific to match with your current decor, an insert may be the way to go.

    Ultimately, both types of fireplaces provide warmth, but have differences when it comes to the installation process and design options – all of which should be taken into consideration before making your decision. If you need help weighing your options, our crew would be happy to assist.

    What Kind of Maintenance Does a Gas Fireplace Need?

    So, yes – gas fireplaces are known for being clean, easy to use, and one of the lowest maintenance heating appliances homeowner’s can enjoy. All that said, they still require some regular upkeep to stay in good working order.

    We’ll always recommend having your system serviced annually (at the very least), and having it inspected by a gas-certified technician, like one of the techs here at Winston’s, to ensure all components are working well and that the flue isn’t clogged. The gas line should also be checked to minimize the risk of carbon monoxide leaks, and the logs or other parts may need to be cleaned occasionally to keep them looking their best. 

    Finally, it’s essential to make sure the pilot light is working correctly and that the seals on the unit are airtight. Book with us now, so you can enjoy years of trouble-free heat from your gas fireplace – we’d say that’s well worth it.

    Are Gas Fireplaces Expensive to Maintain?

    Gas fireplaces are an attractive, energy-efficient source of home heating. Many homeowners like them for their ease of use. But one question many people have is… Are gas fireplaces expensive to maintain?

    The answer largely depends on the type of gas fireplace you own. 

    Modern direct-vent fireplaces require minimal maintenance, since they don’t have chimneys that need cleaning. Older vent-free models, on the other hand, may need more frequent inspections and maintenance. 

    In terms of fuel costs, natural gas or propane can be cost-effective for most households if used sparingly. Taking all factors into account, gas fireplaces can actually be a cheaper option when compared to the annual fuel bills associated with other forms of home heating.

    No matter what type of maintenance you need on a gas fireplace, insert, or stove, call Winston’s Chimney Service at 703-379-5006 and get your questions answered.

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