Do You Have An Oil Burning Appliance? We Clean Oil Flues, Too!

Many of us have no problem remembering to have our fireplace flues swept before each heating season, but it’s easy to forget about our oil-burning furnace flues! Just as your wood- or gas-burning fireplace created byproducts that can settle along the flue liner of your chimney, so does your oil-burning furnace. But no need to worry – here at Winston’s Chimney Service, we can clean your oil flue and have it ready to go in no time!

Scheduling Regular Cleanings For Your Oil Flue Helps To Ensure That:

  • Your Air Supply Stays Pure – A clogged flue often forces vapor and gas byproducts of combustion (like carbon monoxide) to leak back into the home and air supply of you and your family. But when your oil flue’s walls are clean and smooth, byproducts can easily exit the home, just as they were intended to.
  • Your Appliance Works As Efficiently As Possible For As Long As Possible – A clean flue encourages airflow and allows your appliance to work as efficiently as it should. And since air flows easily, your appliance doesn’t have to work so hard and may end up having a much longer service life than it would otherwise.
  • Your Flue Liner Remains In Good Condition – A clean, byproduct-free flue liner will last much longer than a liner that is caked in corrosive byproducts. So by regularly removing any settled byproducts from your flue walls, you can ensure a longer service life for your flue liner. Money saved!

What If Your Flue Liner Is Already Damaged By Heat & Byproducts?

If we find that your oil flue has already been damaged by the heat and byproducts of oil combustion, we can replace the liner with a new, durable liner. Our experts know which liners work best with oil appliances and can make sure that you get the proper product and the proper installation.

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