Why Sweeping Fireplaces & Chimneys is Important

You may not be using your fireplace right now, but if you plan to start burning this winter then you need a chimney inspection and sweep. You don’t want to find out that animals or debris is clogging your chimney when you first light your fire. Or worse yet, that something has caused the masonry to shift or damper to break causing smoke and potential fires. Protect your home today with proper maintenance before you burn.

No Mess Guarantee

The number one concern about having your chimney swept is the mess.  Good news …THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO MESS! See below for an overview of our process to protect your home during our visit to sweep your chimney.

Our Process Protects Your Home

1. We lay tarps in front of the fireplace to protect your carpet and floor then set up a large vacuum to collect the soot and creosote accumulated during sweeping.

2. We sweep the inside of your chimney, from the firebox floor to the chimney top, and if possible from the top down as well.

3. We clean, inspect and adjust the damper and damper assembly.

4. We use brushes on rods to sweep the flue, hand brushes for the firebox and smoke chamber, and a large vacuum to control the debris.

5. We do an inspection of the outside of the chimney, checking the mortar work, brickwork, and crown and inspect the flue interior.  Any damage or needed repairs we find are documented on video or with digital photos that can be sent to you via email.

6. When we are finished we will leave you with a copy of the written evaluation or, in some cases, send you a word document or pdf file via email.

How Long Does It Take

Depending on the unit and access to the chimney, the process can be performed in as little as 30 minutes or up to an hour and a half.

Tips to remember:

  • Do not use your fireplace or wood stove 24 hours prior to our arrival.
  • Clear a 6-8 foot space in front of the fireplace; move furniture, plants, knick knacks etc.
  • Call now or request an appointment online.

There is a reason Winston’s is rated #1 on Angie’s List and maintains an A+ Rating with Better Business Bureau; we do it right. Give us a chance and we will wow you!

We are the pro’s when it comes to inspecting your chimney for potential problems, so call on Winston’s for all your chimney and dryer vent needs.

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