Gas Appliance Safety Tips

What you should do before burning season.

Before the Burning Season

  1. Make sure your appliance is properly serviced with an inspection and cleaning by certified sweeps.
  2. Check that your carbon monoxide detector is working.
  3. Find a chimney company you trust and keep their number on hand in case you start to notice warning signs of a gas leak or other issue. (Our number is 703-420-7110 if you need us.)

During the Burning Season

  1. Understand the suggested burn time for your appliance based on manufacture standards.
  2. Always be aware of danger signs including:
    • Visible smoke coming from the gas appliance
    • Any burning odors or other putrid smells
    • Getting headaches when the gas appliance is in use

Gas appliances are not only safe, but highly efficient in heating your home and creating ambiance the whole family can enjoy. Proper care and maintenance is the key to a safe fall and winter season.

Know You Need Maintenance?

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