Gas Fireplace Maintenance Checklist & Service

Here are the exact steps you should take to keep your fireplace working safely and efficiently.

 Assess & Clean the Glass

Check the glass for nicks and breaks. If there are any areas of concern do not use the gas fireplace until the glass has been replaced. The glass serves as a heat protection to keep your family and belongings safe from fire.

When cleaning the glass, be sure to use the proper care (Windex is not it).

 Look for Worn Parts

As you clean the glass check for any worn parts of the surrounding fireplace area. If anything looks rusted or broken then you will want to hold off using your fireplace. This includes any seals that may look beat up. These are the parts that keep your home protected from carbon monoxide.

 Remove Dust & Dirt

Dust and dirt can clog vents and create odors, so it must be removed with a soft vacuum both inside the firebox and outside of the fireplace.

 Annual Inspections

You may think your fireplace looks safe for use, but don’t risk it. Schedule a gas fireplace inspection before using your fireplace. This once a year appointment can keep your safe and save your repair costs in the future.

 Annual Cleanings

The standard cleaning practices shared above help keep your fireplace running efficiently, but a cleaning by a certified sweep does much more than affect aesthetics. The sweep will clean all parts of the gas fireplace ensuring maximum efficiency.

Safety and cleanliness go hand in hand, so be sure to make safety your top-priority this fall. Schedule early to get ahead of the fall rush for convenient appointments when it works for you. Call our certified team today!