What To Know About Chimney Leaks

Water is your chimney’s number one enemy. It rusts metal parts, erodes liners, and damages brick when it is absorbed. Doing everything you can to prevent leaks and water of any kind from entering your chimney and fireplace is far more affordable than rebuilding and replacing.

How to Avoid Chimney Leaks

It used to be almost impossible to avoid a chimney leak, but with new technology and regular chimney inspections it is possible.

Easy ways to keep the water at bay:

  • a properly fitting chimney cap or top damper
  • flashing that is flush with the roof and chimney
  • a chimney crown free of cracks
  • having water repellent applied to exterior brick

While some of these may sound familiar, often homeowners are unaware of the benefits of water repellent for exterior bricks.

Making Your Chimney Water Repellent

The exciting thing about these new products is they allow the bricks and stone to breathe while not allowing water to pass through. This protects the masonry without inhibiting its ability to do exactly what it needs to do on a properly-working system.

Don’t wait until you need a rebuild! Have your chimney waterproofed or repaired before major damages occur!

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The bricks of our chimney were absorbing water and damaging the interior ceiling. Rob and Justin applied a waterproofing sealant to exterior chimney bricks, repaired the masonry crown, applied Heat Shield resurfacing, and replaced the damper. They were professional, attentive to our concerns, and tidy when it came to clean up. They performed the scheduled work on time and quickly. So far no more water issues, and we have enjoyed several fires in the fireplace this season. We will be calling them next year for our annual chimney inspection. Thanks Rob and Justin!

Cara S.

I called Winston’s for a cleaning and inspection prior to the winter season. Lenny and Darryl came by and were extremely thorough. They showed me pictures of the chimney damage caused by water leaks and gave me several options for repair. As a result of neglect, I had some exterior brick deterioration and cracks in the tile lining. I am very please with the repairs. The masonry team led by Elmer did an outstanding job matching the existing bricks. It looks great. Lenny and Darryl relined the interior with Heatshield and showed me the before and after pics. Lenny was very personable and patient, answering all my questions. I found the administrative staff Jennifer and Veronica very helpful and pleasant. I highly recommend Winston’s for the quality of work and the customer service I received.

Mark M.

Winston’s Chimney Service has the #1 rating on Angie’s List (#1 chimney company since 2009) and on The Better Business Bureau website (A+ rating). Please check us out then give us a call or contact us online. We look forward to helping you with any issue on your fireplace or chimney system.