Chimney And Dryer Vent Services For Springfield Homeowners

Part of making your Springfield home the peaceful oasis you want it to be is keeping your fireplace or stove and chimney system in working order, free of frustrating headaches.

From installing new systems efficiently and properly to providing regular maintenance services and, when necessary, thorough and lasting repairs — Winston’s Chimney Service helps Springfield homeowners achieve peace of mind.

Our technicians are great at what they do because we’re focused on continuing education. We engage in regular, ongoing hands-on training to acquire and maintain the chimney industry’s top certifications, from the Chimney Safety Institute of America to the Fireplace Investigation, Research & Education Service. We always make sure we’re armed with the latest advancements in tools and procedures, while keeping a strong focus on providing truly excellent service.

Are You Looking For A Brand New Fireplace?

Fireplaces are beautiful and valuable additions to a home, and Winston’s Chimney Service technicians regularly install new fireplaces and wood stoves in Springfield homes (as well as all around Northern Virginia, Metro D.C. and Maryland).

We can introduce you to a new pre-fabricated fireplace or stove, including EPA-rated appliances that provide more heat and make much more efficient use of fuel. We can also replace an existing unit that’s either significantly damaged or has come to the end of its reasonable service life.

Maintaining Your Existing Unit

When the need for repairs comes up, Winston’s is always here to help. But we also try to keep our clients aware of the value of staying on top of regular maintenance needs. Often enough, being diligent about regular chimney sweeping appointments and annual chimney inspections can help you avoid the need for major repairs, by allowing our techs to find problems when they’re small, and regularly ridding your flue of damaging deposits.

Maintenance is key to optimum performance, too — when your flue is clean and its components are all working properly, you’ll have proper draft and a more efficient burn.

Winston’s Maintains Springfield Dryer Vents, Too

We can’t overstate how important it is to maintain dryer vents as well as chimneys. When lint deposits build up in dryer ducts with use, they can cause the vents to be blocked, limiting the appliance’s ability to do its job and leading to a potential fire hazard. Heat builds up considerably in a blocked dryer vent, and lint is extremely flammable. Regular dryer vent cleaning helps limit the possibility of lint igniting. If your dryer vents haven’t been cleaned in a while and you’re noticing lint build-up around the termination (or your dryer isn’t working as well as it once did), give us a call.

Our Springfield Service Area

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If you’re a Springfield homeowner with chimney system or dryer vent needs, call Winston’s Chimney Service — we’d love to help!


The friendly folks over in Great Falls, VA are happy to be a part of our extensive service area and we’re proud to be keeping them safer in their homes year after year.