We Now Install Tankless Gas Water Heaters!

Are you tired of running out of hot water? Are you wondering what the big deal is with tankless water heater? There are so many benefits, and there are so many reasons we love them. With a tankless water heater, you never run out of hot water when you need it, and save energy when you don’t need it. A tankless water heater saves energy, water, space, and cost, and it gives you endless supply of hot water and no leaks ever. At Winston’s Chimney Service, our master gas fitter has installed over 3,000 tankless gas water heaters in the past 15 years. We would love to install one of this magical gas water heater in your home, give our team a call today! 

How does a tankless gas water heater really work?


  1. When you are ready for hot water, the hot water tap opens up and a flow sensor can sense how much water it needs to heat up to accommodate your need.
  2. Then, the ignitor activates, a gas control valve opens, and a fan and venturi introduce just the right amount of gas.
  3. Next, the premix burner fires up and cold water is pre-heated inside a secondary heat exchanger.
  4. After, the pre-heated water moves from the secondary heat exchanger to the primary one.
  5. The flame then adjusts to ensure that the water leaving the heater is the perfect temperature.
  6. Finally, heated water heads to the buffer tank and water then flows to the faucet for your need.

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