A fireplace simply cannot function well without well-working parts. Today, we’re here to focus on two very essential pieces of your chimney’s anatomy – the chimney cap and the damper. We are CSIA certified and qualified to install any new parts you need, so be sure to contact us right away if you suspect any damages. Learn more about caps and dampers below, then give us a call today so we can help you out!

About Chimney Caps

Chimney caps serve a wide range of purposes for your home and fireplace, but one of the biggest benefits is their ability to keep water out of your flue and chimney. Water damage can trigger countless issues throughout your chimney by making your fireplace unsafe and unsuitable for regular use. You’ll notice clogs, rusting, rot, stains, decay, and more, all of which take time and money to repair!

Chimney caps cover the opening at the top of your chimney and prevent water from entering and causing deterioration. Trust us when we say your liner with thank you! Along with this, chimney caps keep out animals and any excess debris, both of which are known for causing clogs and stinking things up. Dealing with a bat, raccoon, or other woodland critters in your chimney is never fun.

To add to the list, chimney caps are known for stopping stray sparks from escaping onto your roof and possibly causing a house fire. They also play a big part in preventing downdrafts from swooping down the chimney. It’s amazing how many benefits they bring, and they’re affordability makes them a worthwhile investment! Ask our team about having yours installed or repaired right away.

About Chimney Dampers

Dampers are necessary for keeping your home sealed and protected when your fireplace is not in use. When you’ve got your air conditioning or heater going, the last thing you need is outside air interfering with the temperatures in your home. This can make the atmosphere quite uncomfortable, and it won’t do your energy bills any favors either. The great part about dampers is that they can be easily opened so once you get your fire going, smoke and other fumes can easily escape up and out of the chimney where they belong.

Many homeowners still have a throat damper installed at the base of their chimney. Throat dampers have worked great in fireplaces for ages, but more recently a better option has come into the market. For homeowners that need a new damper installed, we strongly suggest upgrading to a top-end damper. These provide a better seal, saving you more on energy costs and guaranteeing satisfaction.

It’s Spring! Get Your Installation Work Done Now!

With springtime weather upon us, now is a great time to complete any chimney repair and installation work. While we’re at it, we can knock out your inspection and sweeping too, so come fall you’ll be all set and ready to go! What are you waiting for? Give us a call now!