Dryer Vent Cleaning for Safety and Lower Utility Bills

The dryer is an appliance that most people use almost every day but very few give any thought to its maintenance. Dryer vent cleaning should be done regularly to ensure that the dryer functions as efficiently as possible. This not only keeps the appliance running safely but it can actually help lower the household utility bills.

When the dryer vents are dirty or clogged, the dryer must work harder than is actually necessary in order to do the same amount of work. This is a waste of energy and can quickly take a toll on the family finances. To some people, spending money on a dryer vent cleaning is a waste of money. However, spending the upfront cost of a cleaning can save a great deal of money in the long run in lower utility bills.

Picture of dryer vent

Keep your dryer vents clean for safety and efficiency.

In addition to negatively impacting the function of the dryer, dirty and clogged vents can actually be very dangerous. When the dryer runs, it becomes extremely hot. If there is any excess material in the vents, it is very easy for them to spark and catch fire. This will not only destroy the dryer but the fire can actually spread and damage the entire home.

Fire is not the only hazard that families face if they do not take proper care of their dryer vents. When the vents are clogged, the gas that it creates cannot properly vent. This means that it may find its way back into the atmosphere of the home. This is particularly dangerous when one of the byproducts of the running dryer is carbon monoxide, a colorless, odorless and potentially life threatening gas. In addition to properly maintaining the dryer vents, it is important that the home is equipped with functioning carbon monoxide detectors.

Although cleaning the dryer vents may seem like a simple task, it is one that is best left for a professional. The Chimney Safety Institute of America trains professionals who can safely and efficiently care for all parts of a dryer. In fact, they can recommend a professional technician in any area to get the job done. Taking this project on as a do it yourself endeavor can end in personal injury as well as damage to the dryer.

When having the dryer vents cleaned by a professional, it is also a good idea to schedule an annual inspection of the dryer. In addition to clog vents, general wear and tear can make a dryer less efficient and more dangerous. A CSIA trained professional can easily complete an inspection and indicate any possible aspects of the machine that may need to be prepared or replaced to avoid more trouble down the line.

These days, when money is tight for many people, families do not want to spend money having someone come and look at their dryer. However, having a trained professional inspect and clean the dryer vents is a great way to save money on the monthly utility bill. In addition to saving money, regular maintenance of dryer vents is vital to keeping the home safe from fires and dangerous carbon monoxide gasses. Be sure to have this work done annually and to leave it to a trained professional rather than taking it on as a do it yourself project.