Troubleshoot Issues with Your Gas Fireplace

Fall is coming. Is your gas fireplace ready?

You are ready for fall, so are we, but is your gas fireplace?

You are sure there were no problems with the gas appliance last year, but you didn’t schedule any annual maintenance yet this year. You are sure it will be fine, until you go to turn it on the first cool night of fall and end up disappointed.

Problems with Gas Fireplaces

You could have any of these issues if your gas fireplace is not inspected, cleaned, and cleared for use.

  • Gas fireplace won’t start.
  • The light isn’t working.
  • The gas fireplace smells.
  • There’s an abundance of soot.

You may think these are small problems, but often times there is a larger issue at hand. The problem could be bigger than not being able to use your gas fireplace on the first night of fall. The root of the problem may put your home and family at risk.

Troubleshoot Any Potential Problems

You can head off any issues with your gas fireplace by scheduling a gas fireplace inspection and cleaning. Your certified sweeps will check the:

  • pilot light
  • blower
  • firebox
  • burners
  • thermostat
  • wiring
  • thermopile
  • gas valves
  • battery
  • and circuit breakers

Your chimney sweeps will be able to make you aware of any potential issues and make sure your gas appliance is working efficiently.

Schedule Today

You can protect your home and enjoy the first cool fall day by scheduling annual inspections and cleanings before you want to use the appliance.

Give our team a call today! We are certified sweeps with over 35 years of experience.