Most people in today’s world have been affected by cancer in one way or another, which is why sweeps across the nation join together every year to raise money for breast cancer. Whether you know someone suffering or have experience with the disease firsthand, we have sweep-away-cancer logoways to help you give back.

Sweep Away Cancer was founded by Tommy Nelms, Mark Stoner, and Darin Bibeau. It’s a nonprofit with an overall goal of spreading awareness and raising funds for breast cancer research. Since its start back in 2015, this organization has raised thousands of dollars for this cause!

Coming Together For Something Greater

What makes Sweep Away Cancer extra special? It promotes the concept of competitors uniting for something greater. Not all industries can put their differences aside for a good cause, but we are proud of how companies all throughout the chimney sweep industry have come together to do their part for this noble mission.

If you’d like to join us, there is a lot you can do to show support! If you operate a chimney company, you can buy pink t-shirts for your team from the Sweep Away Cancer shop, which will help to spread awareness, or you can buy pink koozies to give out, as well. We also encourage companies to reach out to their customer base for donations or donate a percentage of their October earnings to Sweep Away Cancer.

All in all, even a little support can make a big impact, and the more we work together for this cause, the more others can benefit from it. Here at Winston’s Chimney Service, we always work hard to spread the word, and we’ve brought in a lot of generous donations in past years, as well. Join with us today by reaching out or donating online.

October Is Coming Soon

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so be sure to gear up for it amidst pumpkin carving, apple picking, and holiday prep. We’ve got just over a month to prepare and come up with more fundraising ideas, so do what you can to make a difference by getting the ball rolling today. October will be here before you know it!

We love being part of an industry that always puts the safety and comfort of others first. Fireplace and chimney care is all about allowing people to add warmth to their home in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and does not threaten the wellbeing of one’s home or family. We’re proud to join with other sweeps to put the needs of others first, and if you’re looking for dependable care then we’re here to provide it.

Learn more about breast cancer and how you can play a part in empowering women by visiting the National Breast Cancer Foundation website today. Just a few small steps can go a long way!

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