Scheduling annual inspections and cleanings are a great way to ensure your chimney stays in the best possible shape all year long. But what if your sweep discovers some necessary repairs? Don’t stress – although not always ideal, chimney repairs are typically easy to address and won’t take up too much of your schedule. At Winston’s Chimney Service we are ready to help and have a long list of services we can offer you!

We get a lot of questions regarding the ideal time of year to schedule these repairs, and we are more than happy to advise. Learn more below.

Scheduling Repairs In Springtime: Yay or Nay?

Definitely, yay! If you need repairs, the spring and summer months offer perfect temperatures when it comes to letting the various repair products cure properly. The ideal time frame is from late March (when temperatures stay above freezing) through the end of September, which is just before our phones start ringing off the hook.

a mason applying mortar to a masonry chimneyOnce everything is patched and ready to go, you can easily schedule our waterproofing services, which are also ideally done when the weather is nice and warm. There isn’t a better time to get everything done in one shot!

In addition to all that, finding the time for repairs isn’t always an easy option once temperatures drop again. Why? Because that’s when everyone wants a service, so getting booked can prove difficult. Scheduling your appointment now allows you the freedom to pick the most ideal time slot for your unique time frame. It also gives everyone a little more leeway, should the repairs turn out to be more challenging than expected.

On top of everything, chimney repairs in the warm months help keep our staff safe and sound. Working on cold, icy roofs can be a challenge, and we want our employees to stay in great health every day, so that we can serve you to the best of ability throughout every season.

3 Repairs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Many homeowners never consider the necessary maintenance a fireplace and chimney require to run safely and smoothly. While not all chimney repair work is essential, certain things should never be ignored. Risking your health, your family’s health, and your home, three chimney repairs rank as ones we at Winston’s Services, a CSIA-certified chimney company, strongly recommend you take care of as soon as possible. Of course, to know you even have a problem, your chimney must be swept and inspected once a year, every year. The most important chimney maintenance you can do, an annual chimney cleaning is also the way to fix one of the three following chimney repairs

  1. Cracks in the Crown: If your chimney crown is cracked or has suffered water erosion damage, your chimney is in danger of water leaking into its bricks and mortar. This will cause a variety of problems including mold growth, structural damage and deterioration, and stains on your interior walls and ceilings. Many masonry chimneys have poorly-built chimney crowns built from a generic mortar mix when they should be made from only a Portland cement-based mix. Other specifics of a durable chimney crown concern measurements of slope and overhang as both of these ensure proper water drainage.
  2. Creosote Buildup: Occurring naturally, creosote is the result of smoke, vapors, gases, tar fog, and other by-products of combustion cooling and condensing at the top of your flue. Creosote sticks to your chimney walls, and no matter its form, it is a highly dangerous and combustible substance. If it builds up enough and the internal flue temperature gets hot enough, it can easily ignite and start a chimney fire.
  3. Damaged or Non-Existent Liner: When your liner is cracked or not even there, the by-products of combustion, including smoke and gases like carbon monoxide, can easily enter your home, causing health and safety hazards to you and your family. If your flue liner is damaged beyond repair or if you do not have one in your chimney, you can now get the best in durability – a stainless steel chimney flue liner that will protect your chimney for years to come.

DIY? We Don’t Suggest It

a lady looking frustrated about a DIY projectIf you’re finding yourself impatient to get some fires going, it may be tempting to tackle repairs, sweepings, and mortar touch-ups on your own. There are countless do-it-yourself tutorials claiming these tasks can easily be done without hiring a professional, and many websites even sell chimney sweeping kits that the homeowner can put to use on their own.

We urge all of our customers to not give in to these false claims for effective results. These step-by-step guides and products will never compare to the services you receive from an expert, and a trained sweep will be qualified to spot any potential threats to your system, as well.

Along with this, do-it-yourself shortcuts typically aren’t done with the appropriate tools and materials meaning you’ll wind up facing even more deterioration down the line – and you could wind up putting your home, structure, and family at risk.

Count On Winston’s Chimney Service Today!

Here at Winston’s our staff is trained and CSIA-certified in all things chimney. We value customer satisfaction above everything else, and we always strive to improve ourselves on a regular basis.

We can repair and restore your chimney, so it looks great and works efficiently no matter what time of year it is. Any further questions? Give us a call at 703-379-5006. Our experts are ready to answer any and all of your questions, and we can set you up with an appointment in a jiffy.

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