The only thing better than a cozy fire is one where you don’t have to worry about chopping wood, hauling wood, storing dry firewood, cleaning ashes, or struggling to get the flame started in the first place. Who wants to work that hard when fire can be as simple as clicking a button?

If you’re tired of putting in all that work to produce a fire, we have some great news. You can skip all the hassle of a wood-burning fireplace by simply installing a gas insert instead.

Let’s talk about all you need to know about gas inserts – and who you should contact for fireplace installation. 

What Is a Gas Insert?

An insert is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a fireproof box that’s surrounded by steel or cast iron and fronted by insulated glass that is inserted directly into your existing fireplace.

With a combination of a closed combustion system, the steel or cast iron helps trap the heat – with some inserts having a blower that pushes the hot air back into the room through the vents. This all makes gas inserts a much more efficient source of heat compared to a wood-burning fireplace.

When it comes to considering gas inserts, there are two types available that you should consider:

a gas fireplace insert with a stone brick surround
  • Direct vent: These types of gas inserts are considered the safest because they draw in outside air to keep the flame burning and exhaust all the combustible gases and water vapor outside of the home.
  • Vent free (ventless): Just as the name implies, there is no venting system on this type of gas insert. Because of that, heat can’t escape out of the chimney or other vent, making it the most efficient option.

So, direct vent or vent free – which option is right for you? Well, it depends on what you’re looking for. Each type of gas insert comes with its own pros and cons. Your chimney technician will be able to help determine the best option to complement your home and needs.

What Are the Benefits of a Gas Fireplace Insert?

Aside from being more efficient, which we discussed earlier, what are other benefits to gas fireplace inserts you might ask? Well, let’s take a look!

  • Clean burning: No sparks, burning embers, smokes, or other fumes to worry about when you have a gas insert.
  • Safe to use: A great option if you have children or pets in the home. Although, some elements can become hot to the touch and should still be handled with caution.
  • Lots of heat: Unlike a log fireplace, a gas insert provides constant heat. Plus, heat doesn’t escape out of the chimney, leaving your home warmer for longer. If your gas insert has a blower, it helps circulate heat throughout the room.
  • Ease of use: Easily ignite with the flip of a switch or push of a button and adjust the temperature just as simply.
  • Versatile design: There are many options to choose from when considering what gas insert is right for you and how it can match your interior design needs. Each model has a different heat output, depending on the size of room you are trying to heat. You can also select different media like logs, glass, or lava rock. Whether you’re looking to mimic a traditional wood burning fireplace or add something more contemporary and modern, there’s a fireplace insert for you.
  • Low maintenance: No need to worry about shoveling out ashes and other wood debris. That said, don’t mistake low maintenance for no maintenance. You should still have your gas insert inspected and maintained at least once a year.

From increased energy efficiency to customized design possibilities, gas inserts have many benefits. It’s no wonder traditional chimneys and fireplaces are becoming less and less popular.

Why Should I Have a Professional Install my Gas Insert?

A gas insert must be professionally installed because you will need to have a gas line run to your existing firebox. If the insert comes with a blower, fan, or electronic ignition, you will also need an electrical connection, as well.

The certified chimney technicians at Winston’s Chimney Services would be happy to help with all your gas insert needs. After over 40 years of experience in this industry, there is no job we can’t handle. Call us at 703-379-5006 or book an appointment online, so you can get back to enjoying gathering around the fire with your loved ones without the hassles of smoke and ash.

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