Every summer, when the weather gets hot and humid, Winston’s Chimney Service regularly gets calls from our customers complaining about odors coming from their chimneys. With 38 years of experience of working on chimneys, we understand this issue and its causes. Several different things inside your chimney can cause unpleasant odors, but problems with the chimney draft allow these stinky smells to invade your home more easily. Many homeowners weatherize their homes to keep cooler air inside during the summer, and this can create negative pressure inside your home that affects the chimney draft. However, to get rid of the odor, you have to get rid of its source. We would like to tell you about the most common causes of chimney odors and how we can help solve the problem.



Creosote Buildup in Chimney Causing Odor - Northern VA - Winston's Chimney
We talk a lot about how dangerous creosote inside your chimney can be. It is so highly flammable that the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) names it as a leading cause of chimney fires. Creosote is not only hazardous; it is also very smelly. Its strong acrid scent worsens during high humidity, which is why we get so many chimney odor complaints in the summer. The best way to reduce your risk for an odor invasion is to have your chimney professionally swept in the spring or summer. The CSIA-certified sweeps at Winston’s Chimney Service will be sure to remove every bit of creosote from your chimney.



If you do not have a chimney cap professionally installed on top of your chimney, you more than likely have water standing on the smoke shelf. If you have noticed a musty smell, water is the source of the chimney odor. Without a chimney cap, leaves and dirt will also fall into the chimney, and when mixed with water, a rotting odor is produced. Winston’s Chimney Service can show you the best cap to protect your chimney from water leaks, and we can install it for the ultimate protection.


Dead Bird or Animal

Another problem you could encounter without a chimney cap on top of your chimney is a bird, squirrel, raccoon, or other wild animal getting inside your chimney to nest. These creatures can often get stuck and die inside the flue, and when this happens, you can imagine the horrible odor produced. Winston’s Chimney Service recommends a chimney cap with mesh metal sides that will keep birds and animals from being able to get inside your chimney at all.
To keep your home smelling fresh this summer, schedule your chimney sweeping and inspection now. Contact us at Winston’s Chimney Service to arrange your appointment for our chimney maintenance services.

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