With thoughts of spring break and spring-cleaning, you know you are one step closer to leaving the frigid cold in the past.  This also means that you will have less use out of your fireplace.  Now is the time to start with chimney maintenance and repairs so there is no worry in the fall when the chilly weather comes back.  This will consist of an inspection and repairs, and a chimney sweep.  A professional should always do this so your home is the safest it can be for you and your family.  To schedule your appointment call Winston’s Chimney Service.

Warmer weather allows chimney sweeps to do repair work to your chimney. This has been a tough winter.

Warmer weather allows chimney sweeps to do repair work to your chimney. This has been a tough winter.

Is once a year enough?

For people who constantly use their fireplace, a second sweep may be beneficial.  You want to have one before burning season to make sure that everything is read to go on the inside, but if you use the unit a lot throughout the season a second sweep after will help remove whatever has built up over the winter.  You should make sure that the company you hire to do the sweep is Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified.  Since there is less of a demand in the spring, you may be eligible for a sooner appointment or discounts.

What are some common chimney repairs?

Since winter weather can destroy a chimney over season, spring is the best time to start on repairs.  Flashing and rain caps can be damaged with high winds from storms.  Also, the caulk that holds the structure together can crack with the constant freezing and thawing of wet weather.  After the repairs are finished and the unit has had a sweep, you may be suggested to waterproof the unit.  This is an easy process that is good for anyone who lives in a wet area.

Is there an animal in my chimney?

Often animals will make their way into your chimney and set up their home.  If you feel this has happened call a professional.  If you try to remove the animal yourself, you are putting both you and the animal in danger.  It is important to keep animals away due to the materials they bring in and their droppings being fire hazards, along with the diseases they carry. Call us and we will remove any obstruction from your chimney.

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