Water and masonry. Definitely not a match made in heaven! Do you find yourself facing water damage and leaks throughout your fireplace? If so, the time to address these issues is now! Excess moisture can cause a lot of deterioration over time as rot, rust, mold, and more take over the entire chimney.

Winston’s Chimney Service can repair your chimney in no time. This way you can get back to your normal routine! How can you prevent water damage from occurring again down the line? One word – waterproofing!

How It Works

Waterproofing agents do a lot to protect your chimney throughout time. A professional chimney company will use high quality solutions that allow your chimney the chance to breathe. In addition, providing a strong seal. Why are these things so important? Your chimney needs to be able to vent out any water that has already been sucked in. It also needs to prevent any new water from entering; waterproofing does just that!

One thing we highly advise against is tackling waterproofing yourself. We see lots of issues when products like paint or store-bought sealers are used. They trap in any moisture that was already present in the brickwork. Plus, they don’t allow your chimney the freedom it needs to vent out vapors. This means your issues will only persist and worsen as time passes.

How Can We Help?

At Winston’s Chimney Service, we have all of the tools and services you need to fix up your chimney and stop water damage from occurring year after year. We have a long list of repair services, so whether you have cracks in your masonry, crumbling mortar, missing bricks, or more, we can stop by and get everything in tip top shape again.

Once the repairs are complete, we can apply our waterproofing products. We stay up-to-date on all of the latest products and techniques, so you know that you always get the highest quality service possible. Say good-bye to leaks by investing in our waterproofing services today!

And that’s not all! We can also install or repair your chimney cap, your chimney crown, and your flashing so, no matter what’s causing leaks to occur, they won’t be an issue any longer. Let us take a look around – we will find the problem in no time, so you can get back to using your fireplace whenever you’d like!

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