As you near the end of your burning season, there are probably a few things you have on your checklist in terms of fireplace and chimney care. Many clear out ash and soot to ensure a fresh system during months of disuse. Another must is ensuring your damper is sealed tight so that downdrafts stay out.

Others take action to ensure spring rains don’t deteriorate their masonry. Think you’ve invested in everything you need to prevent harmful water damage and potential decay? Take the additional step to double check that your chimney cap is in good shape. This piece of chimney anatomy all too often gets overlooked, despite serving a vital role in keeping your system safer.

What Is A Chimney Cap?line of old rusty chimneys with caps

A chimney cap sits on the top of your chimney, covering the flue opening so that no water can enter your system. Without a protective cover, the flue would basically funnel water into your chimney allowing it to enter your home and damage your chimney liner. A chimney cap serves as an affordable and highly effective way to keep out excess moisture for good.

Don’t Forget These Added Benefits

Now, keeping out water is the most common reason people have chimney caps installed, but they actually serve a wide range of other purposes, as well. Worried about animals entering your chimney and clogging things up? Not when a chimney cap is in place. They effectively block out squirrels, raccoons, birds, and other curious critters, so that they don’t sneak and start causing problems.

Keep in mind, too, that some animals are actually illegal to remove once they enter, so keeping them out from the get-go is vital. Take, for example, the chimney swift. Once they are in, you must wait until they leave for good before removing any nesting materials. Hurting them, or their babies could land you with some pretty hefty fines.

Along with keeping out woodland creatures, chimney caps also stop debris from entering the flue. The more buildup you have, the more dangerous your system is to use, and your chances of experiencing a fire will increase significantly.

And, believe it or not, they do even more. Chimney caps are known for stopping downdrafts, which will keep your indoor temperatures better regulated, and they stop stray sparks from landing on your roof, as well. They are certainly a worthwhile investment, and failing to have one installed will significantly increase your chances of needing expensive repair work completed down the line.

We Can Install Yours Today

You may be missing a chimney cap or you may need your current model replaced. Regardless of your scenario, the time to call in our team is now. Let us get to work before spring rains come down and start wreaking havoc. You deserve better protection year round, so invest in help from our team today!

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