Fall is upon us, which means cooler weather is closing in. This time of year is perfect for cozy sweatshirts, hanging out with loved ones, and spending evenings in front of your fireplace. Fireplaces add a welcoming and warm aesthetic to any living space, and homeowners everywhere love how it brings their families together year after year.

Investing in a gas appliance for your home is a great choice. Gas fireplaces offer that same great atmosphere that wood-burning options do, but require a lot less maintenance and upkeep. Just flip a switch, and you’ve got yourself a fire! We recommend these products for anyone with a busy lifestyle, and they heat your home more efficiently, too.

That being said, it’s important to have them regularly inspected. Small repairs may be necessary, as well as replacement parts, and these aren’t thing you want to let go unaddressed! Learn more below, then give the experts at Winston’s Chimney Services a call today!

Why Schedule An Inspection?

Inspections are important – and not just for the health of your chimney. They also ensure that your family stays as safe as possible throughout your regular burning seasons. If you have any cracks or holes throughout your system, you and loved ones could become exposed to harmful toxins.

On top of this, harmful substances can still enter your chimney, leaving your lining and flue exposed and at risk. Finding the right ways to address any damages and instill some preventative measure for the future will allow you the peace of mind you deserve… and your appliance will run safer for years to come!

And that’s not all… if you system can’t properly exhaust or isn’t functioning like normal, then your appliance won’t run very efficiently. This could easily cause your regular household/energy bills to increase, and you won’t get the best results for what you’ve invested. Why waste more money on something that isn’t functioning correctly? Give us a call so we can ensure you’re good to go, no matter what.

Is Your Sweep CSIA Certified?

If you’re ready to schedule your annual inspection, invest in a CSIA certified sweep to get the job done right. The CSIA is highly esteemed in the chimney industry and sets the standard for safe and efficient fireplace care. If your tech is certified (like the staff at Winston’s Chimney Service), you can rest easy knowing your system is in the best hands possible.

We are trained to perform level 1, 2, and 3 inspections, and our professional and courteous staff never skimps when it comes to our great customer base. When you invest in us, you get quality care that you simply won’t find anywhere else. Give us a call now… there’s no time to lose!

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