With technology in constant motion, keeping up with the latest trends can be exhausting. When it comes to fireplaces, it may surprise some to learn that the different options are endless. In fact, you can now choose what type of fireplace to install based on whether you want it for ambiance or for heat.

Fireplace Ambiance and Warmth - Northern VA - Winston's Chimney ServiceTraditional wood burners cannot get enough of the crackles and snaps of a true wood burning fire. The ambiance of the fire happens by simply burning the wood, so any type of wood burning appliance can set the mood you want. However, not all wood burning units provide strong and consistent heat. In reality, the traditional fireplace most people imagine is actually quite inefficient. Known as a vented fireplace, these systems release far more heat out through the chimney than into the house. Plus, the warm air in the house also leaks out through the chimney, ultimately costing the house heat instead of creating it. To produce measurable heat with a fire, you should invest in a wood stove insert. These inserts can use an existing chimney, and often fit in the space that held the original firebox, but the wood stove offers 360 degrees of radiant heat.

For people who prefer the convenience of gas fuel and want a fireplace to heat the home, a vent free gas long insert is a great option. With a fuel efficiency of up to 99 percent, you cannot find more economical appliances than the vent free inserts. Better yet, these units do not require any venting when used properly, so they can be installed nearly anywhere in the home. The heating power of this insert is also impressively powerful, with the ability to heat a small home by itself.

The unusual blue fire of a vent free gas insert may not please people who depend on aesthetics in their fireplace. To achieve a realistic fire look using gas fuel and to produce heat for the home, a great option is the direct vent gas insert. While more costly to install, the fuel efficiency of nearly 80 percent and the high production of clean, hot air are unbeatable. The direct vent insert functions using a double vent system. The inner pipe expels smoke and other fumes, while fresh air is drawn into the fire in the space between the inner pipe and the outer pipe. The glass panel separating the fire from the living space guarantees the harmful fumes stay out and the warm air stays in.

The fireplace can be vented, vent free or direct vent. It can burn gas or wood. You might also forgo the fireplace and choose a stove instead! The options currently available for home fire and heating appliances are staggering. If you need expert guidance on making the right decision for your home, contact the professionals at Winston’s Chimney Service.