Are you ready to invest in a new fireplace system for your home? Well, one of the most important questions you’ll have to ask yourself is what type of fuel you want. As we continue to serve homeowners throughout the area, we’ve noticed that both gas-fueled and wood-fueled systems seem to remain the most popular. If you’re on the fence about which type to add to your aesthetic, consider these questions.

Do You Have Access To Natural Gas Or Propane?

Homeowners are choosing gas over wood more and more as they realize how easy these appliances are to operate. Just a flip of a switch and you’ve got yourself a fire! Along with this, they require far less maintenance and clean-up on the part of the homeowner. If you’re someone with a busy lifestyle, but still want that ambiance that only a fireplace can offer, then you may be leaning more towards a gas-fueled appliance!

That being said, you’ll need access to natural gas to achieve this. If you don’t have a gas line, we recommend having one installed by a professional, as doing this yourself could lead to some pretty dangerous situations down the line. This can be a complicated process and one minor slip-up could cause gas leaks or other injuries.

If you don’t have a gas line and aren’t interested in having one installed, then consider a propane tank to fill your needs.

What’s A Priority?

Wood and gas are both great fuel types, but each is unique as far as what it brings to the table. Like we said above, if you’re looking for ultimate convenience with a lot of heat output, then gas is the way to go! That being said, some feel that you simply cannot beat the smell and sounds of a real wood fireplace. If you’re seeking the ambiance of a crackling fire that you built yourself, then invest in a wood-fueled appliance for your home!

No matter which one you choose, remember that annual inspections are vital for maintaining fireplace and chimney health year after year. In order to ensure the safety and efficiency of your home and appliance, you’ll need a professional’s eye on the job! Trust in our sweeps – we’ll set you up right!

Where Will You Put It?

Another important thing to consider is that location is key. You’ll need to meet with a professional to figure out what spaces in your home are ideal for each fuel type. And you’ll want to make sure you talk with your Homeowner’s Association, too, just to make certain you’re following the guidelines and regulations that they have set in place.

Our sweeps have the expertise to point you in the right direction. Call on our CSIA and NFI certified staff today, so we can work together to get you the fireplace of your dreams – Winston’s Chimney Service is here for you!

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