Are you looking to keep your chimney safer and more functional? If you have an existing chimney in your house that needs a little love, investing in a HeatShield Chimney Relining Repair System is one of the best choices you can make. This chimney liner resurfacing and restoration system provides superior protection against combustion gases entering the home, prevents moisture from corroding flue tiles, and increases draft efficiency for optimal fireplace performance.

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How Does HeatShield Compare to Other Chimney Liners?

HeatShield Chimney Relining Repair is a highly effective method of installing a durable new liner coating inside your masonry chimney. Once the coating is installed, this forms an insulated barrier around the sides of the flue that reduces flue temperature, while increasing draft – resulting in improved efficiency and reduced risk of creosote buildup.

Furthermore, because HeatShield repair liner systems are durable yet lightweight, they require no additional support, which saves time on installation compared to heavier metal liners that require additional reinforcement. This not only makes them more cost-effective but also means no costly rebuilding work is required for installation, compared to other types of chimney liners.

All in all, HeatShield Chimney Relining Repair offers major benefits for improving the performance, reliability, and longevity of your chimney system.

What Are Some Signs That My Masonry Chimney Might Need Relining?

Damage to your chimney, if left unattended, can cause a myriad of issues ranging from structural problems to health hazards. Because of this, it is vital for homeowners to be aware of the telltale signs of damage and address any issues promptly.

original infographic stating signs your masonry chimney needs relining

Common red flags on a masonry chimney include crumbling mortar and broken flue tiles, which when visible from the outside of your home, could mean your chimney is in need of maintenance.

Other signs that may not be as obvious include excessive creosote buildup on the interior walls, water leakage into the firebox, smokey or strong odors entering your home, inefficiency, or drafting issues. All of these should be considered alarm signals and addressed immediately in order to keep your family safer and protect your home from further damage or costly repairs.

However, these things left unattended, will, over time, lead to the degradation of the chimney flue, bricks, and mortar. The only way you can truly know if your system is in need of a new or repaired liner is to have a certified chimney technician do a thorough inspection on an annual basis. Inspections are really the only way to be sure of what your system needs to stay healthy so your family stays healthy.

Is a HeatShield Liner Repair Safe for My Home?

When it comes to the safety of your home, installing reliable materials is essential. HeatShield chimney relining repair is a safe option for your home that contains no hazardous materials and has been extensively tested for safety and stability. Its ceramic formula prevents heat loss better than traditional clay lining, and thanks to a lifetime warranty, you can be sure that HeatShield Chimney Relining System will keep your home safe for many years to come.

Can I Do the HeatShield Relining Repair Myself?

HeatShield Chimney Relining Repair is a unique, permanent chimney repair product that can save homeowners significant time and money. However, this product is not recommended for DIY projects. Professional installation by a HeatShield-trained and CSIA-certified technician is essential in order to ensure your home’s safety from water leaks, fire disasters, and other chimney-related issues.

The process of installing the HeatShield Chimney Relining Repair system requires specialized training and tools, as well as extensive knowledge of the process. By enlisting the help of a qualified certified chimney technician from Winston’s Chimney Service, you can be confident that your chimney relining job will be completed to the highest quality standards.

Why Are HeatShield Chimney Liner Repairs Popular?

A HeatShield Chimney Liner Repair provides a number of benefits when it comes to the preservation of your chimney.

  • HeatShield seals all existing cracks, joints, and gaps in your tile flue so that no dangerous gasses or smoke can escape anywhere but out the top.
  • HeatShield prevents future water damage as the interior is fully insulated against potential water entry – a major cause of deterioration in older systems.
  • HeatShield technology allows you to use different fuel sources, with up to three times more efficient burning rates than traditional clay liners.

With these many advantages, it’s easy to understand why HeatShield Chimney Relining Repair is a popular choice – and should be at the top of your list for chimney repair options.

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