Chimneys and fireplaces are complex devices that require regular maintenance on the part of the homeowner. The various parts of a chimney all help it function efficiently, but these parts all need to be present – and in good condition – in order for this to occur. One thing that will help a chimney run well is a chimney cap. Check out the amazing benefits you will gain by having one installed.

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What Is a Chimney Cap?

A chimney cap sits on the top of your chimney, covering the flue opening, so that no water can enter your system. Without a protective cover, the flue would basically funnel water into your chimney allowing it to enter your home and damage your chimney liner. A chimney cap serves as an affordable and highly effective way to keep out excess moisture for good.

Why Else Are Chimney Caps Important?

Why do chimney technicians urge all chimney owners to have a chimney cap?

✔️ Preventing Water Issues

masonry chimney with a chimney cap covered in snowWhen it comes to your masonry chimney, water is something you want to avoid at all costs. Brick easily absorbs any moisture that it is exposed to causing lasting damage to your chimney, as a whole. On top of this, too much moisture can cause rust, deterioration, clogs, stains, and may eventually lead to a chimney settlement or collapse.

There are various openings throughout a chimney that leave it vulnerable to excess moisture. Snow, rain, sleet, and ice, are all elements that can negatively impact the health of your chimney, meaning adequate protection is vital year round. Chimney caps keep water from entering the chimney and will allow you the peace of mind you deserve when it comes to moisture control.

✔️ Keep Animals Out

Another major concern for many chimney owners is the potential harm caused by animals. Whether it is food storage, nesting materials, or the animals themselves, clogs can easily occur, causing smoking issues and enabling harmful toxins to back up into the home.

Another issue occurs when animals enter, but cannot get out. If a bird, squirrel, or other creature passes away in your chimney, you will soon be facing nasty odors and bug accumulations. And if they survive, you run the risk of a loose critter running through your home! Having a chimney cap installed will keep everything safely away from your chimney and fireplace.

Keep in mind, too, that some animals are actually illegal to remove once they enter, so keeping them out from the get-go is vital. Take, for example, the chimney swift. Once they are in, you must wait until they leave for good before removing any nesting materials. Hurting them or their babies could land you with some pretty hefty fines.

✔️ Help To Avoid Fires

When stray sparks and embers are given free reign in your chimney, you could be putting your home and family in a potentially dangerous situation. These things could easily trigger a fire if they collide with anything flammable on or near your roof. A chimney cap works to block these sparks from escaping, ensuring that your roof is not left vulnerable.

✔️ Ensure Proper Airflow

a rounded metal specialty chimney capWhile keeping water away is one of the main purposes chimney caps serve, they do a whole lot more than that, too. Another benefit they offer is keeping dirt and other debris out of your flue. When leaves, twigs, and other items are allowed to accumulate, they can cause some pretty stubborn clogs and blockages. This isn’t good for ventilation and could cause smoke and other toxins to back up into your home.

✔️ Stop Downdrafts

A cozy night in by the fire can quickly be ruined by gusts of wind blowing smoke and other debris back into your home. Chimney caps are known for stopping downdrafts, which will keep your indoor temperatures better regulated.

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