Are you noticing moisture throughout your firebox? Are the metal components of your chimney starting to rust? Has mold or mildew made an appearance somewhere in your fireplace or chimney? These are a few of the many signs that you could be experiencing a chimney leak.

Now, a chimney leak is obviously something you want to resolve quickly. If gone unaddressed for too long you’ll start noticing issues like cracking, spalling bricks, clogs, and various types of decay and deterioration. As you can imagine, using a fireplace that has undergone damage of this kind is very dangerous!

Unfortunately, investing in repair work of this magnitude can take up a lot of time and money. If you’re looking to avoid these problems altogether, then it may be time to invest in some preventative maintenance from a team of certified experts. One service we strongly urge every homeowner to utilize is waterproofing. Here at Winston’s Chimney Service, we can set you up right!

Benefits Of Waterproofing

red roof with pouring rainWaterproofing does wonders in keeping your brickwork and mortar safer. Masonry is quite absorbent, so it doesn’t take long for rain, sleet, and snow to penetrate it and start wreaking havoc. By allowing our team of professionals to apply top-notch waterproofing products to your system’s exterior, these outdoor elements won’t be able to work their way into your chimney any time soon!

Now, many consider opting for a cheaper store-bought paint or sealer to save money on waterproofing costs. Unfortunately, this typically never pays off down the line. These products aren’t designed to allow preabsorbed moisture, as well as fumes from your fireplace, to vent out through the brickwork. They keep rain and moisture out, but they also keep everything else trapped in.

This means your brickwork will continue to break down and deteriorate, so you’ll still be forced to shell out cash for expensive repairs in the future. Not to mention, you put your home and loved ones at risk by running a system that’s wearing down! Working with a team of CSIA certified sweeps, like the crew at Winston’s Chimney Service, is always the safest, smartest, and most cost-effective route to take.

We use products that are vapor-permeable, so you don’t need to stress about any moisture your brickwork has already absorbed. Nothing will get in, and anything inside will eventually work its way out, guaranteeing you a stronger structure all around. When you work with us, your safety is made a priority!

Already experiencing damage? Let us take care of it before waterproofing. We truly can handle it all!

Don’t Waste Any More Time

This isn’t a service you want to put off… The sooner you invest in waterproofing services from us, the better off your chimney and fireplace will be. With colder weather already upon us, there’s simply no time lose. Give our crew a call today, and we’ll be happy to find an appointment time that works well for you. Thanks for choosing us!

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