Holiday Safety Advice

Christmas and New Years have passed, but that doesn’t mean your holiday season has ended! With Christmas parties extending into January, it is important to keep fireplace safety tips in mind at all times.

If you find yourself lighting up fires throughout these cold months ahead, keep these guidelines in mind to ensure your home, family, and friends stay as safe as possible.

Burn Only Seasoned Wood

Many find themselves throwing various odds and ends into their fireplace for quick and easy clean-up. You should never throw wrapping paper, paper plates, leftover food, and other similar items into the fire! These items lead to excess smoke and cause creosote to accumulate at a faster pace. Both of these things can cause health hazards, property damage, and more!

For wood you can trust, look for short, light logs that are dark and split at the ends. All of these characteristics are clear indicators that your wood is well-seasoned.

Also, remember that burning your Christmas tree in your fireplace is never a safe option. Even with seasoned pine, your tree will still likely contain dangerous amounts of sap that cause an increase in creosote accumulation.

Properly Dispose Of Ash

Did you know that ash can stay live for days after your fire is out? That means proper disposal is vital for the safety of your home. When you decide to scoop out the ash from your wood-burning appliance, be sure to place it in a non-flammable container (such as metal). Sealing it with a lid of the same material ensures oxygen does not enter the container and fuel any stray embers.

After scooping ash from your fireplace, place the bucket in an area where nothing around it could potentially catch fire. It is wise to keep it someplace away from small children or curious pets, who may knock the bucket over. Let the bucket sit for at least four days before dumping the ash out to ensure all live embers are completely extinguished.

Do Not Leave Fire Unattended

Another common fire hazard is leaving fires to burn out by themselves. After a long evening spent with friends and family, relaxing always sounds like the ideal way to end the night. But not before your fire is properly put out! Ensure all flames are gone before you go to bed! On that same note, don’t let holiday partying distract you from attending the fire on a regular basis.

Install Detectors

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors make a huge difference by saving countless lives year after year. If you do not have these devices installed throughout your home, purchase some today!

You should also test your detectors at least once per month. Maintenance includes changing batteries twice per year, and replacing the units every 10 years.

Depend On The Experts

The most effective way to ensure your fireplace and chimney are safe is to call in the professionals at Winston’s Chimney Service. We are in business to make your home as safe as possible. Schedule your cleaning and inspection with us today!