The holidays are over, temperatures are rising, and your fireplace usage is likely decreasing. Time to shut everything down, so you can forget about your chimney until fall comes back around… right? Well, at Winston’s Chimney Service, we recommend going about things a bit differently. Spring is actually one of the most ideal times to get your chimney services completed for the year!

Learn more below, then pick up the phone today to set up an appointment with our experienced and CSIA certified team. We take pride in helping the communities we serve, and we are more than ready to help you out, too!

Finding The Best Time For You

man cleaning out a chimneyOne of the most challenging parts of getting a sweeping done is finding a good time to squeeze it in. A lot of homeowners have limited options when it comes to free time, and we want to accommodate your schedule as best as possible! Unfortunately, once fall rolls around, our appointment books fill up fast and it becomes challenging to find an ideal time frame for everyone.

During springtime, things are generally a lot more open, so we could easily find a date and time that works well for you. Then, come fall, when your friends and neighbors are trying to get in that inspection and sweeping, you’ll be able to sit back, light a fire, and enjoy your evening, stress-free! Sounds ideal, right? Give us a call now, and we’ll set you up right!

Addressing Repairs Right Away

Early inspections and sweepings also give us the opportunity to look into your chimney’s structural soundness. If we notice any deterioration or damage, it’s always better to address the issue sooner, rather than later. Putting off repairs leads to even more damage down the line, upping costs and taking up lots of time.

Also, as noted before, fall is our busiest time. If we notice damage late in the season, it may be awhile before we can come back in to administer necessary repairs. We want you to get as much use as possible from your chimney throughout your burning season, which is why scheduling maintenance earlier is always your best bet. Give us a call now – we can help you out soon!

Finally, repair jobs tend to stick better in the warmer months. Some of the products we use need to be administered in a specific temperature range in order to properly cure. To ensure long-lasting results the first time around, it’s best invest in repairs throughout the spring and summer months. Let us take a look at your system and, should we note any damage or decay, we can get your next appointment on the books, so you won’t have to wait around this fall.

Gain Peace Of Mind – Call Now!

Give us a call now, so your mind is at ease when you light your first fire next burning season. We take fireplace care seriously, so you can rest easy knowing we’ll get the job done right the first time around. What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone now!

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