Reston’s Natural Beauty Brings Unique Chimney Needs

Natural beauty is an inextricable part of Reston, from the lakes to the many leafy, tree-lined streets. And that’s a big part of why Reston residents love their homes — and why at Winston’s Chimney Services, we love getting to serve clients in Reston, too.

Our company has been servicing chimneys and dryer vents in Northern Virginia for decades, and if you’re a Reston homeowner who needs chimney or dryer vent services of any kind — from regular maintenance to repairs — we hope you’ll turn to us. Our highly trained, CSIA-certified technicians are focused on always providing the kind of excellent service that’s earned us an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. And since we’re based in this area, we understand the needs of Virginia homeowners — and the unique qualities of Reston homes.

Natural Beauty Brings A Little Work

We love all the heavily treed streets we see in and around Reston — Reston, after all, was designated Tree City USA by the National Arbor Day Foundation, a definite point of pride. But all that natural beauty does have some effects on chimneys and chimney owners.

Overhanging Trees And Draft Problems

In particularly leafy areas, we always consider the possible contributions of trees when draft problems occur. That’s particularly true when a chimney is experiencing wind-induced downdrafts — when, rather than air drafting up and out of the chimney, it’s forced down through the fireplace opening, carrying smoke and smells. Overhanging and particularly large nearby trees can affect the wind flow around the chimney and contribute to a downdraft, so it’s always something we’ll look at and think about when we’re working on Reston chimney systems.

Don’t Forget Your Chimney Cap

Chimney caps are particularly important in heavily wooded areas. One of the chimney cap’s main roles is to keep unwanted materials out of the flue, and that includes debris like leaves, twigs and brush. Without a chimney cap, that kind of flammable debris can fall directly into the flue, contributing to draft-stopping blockages and dangerous fire hazards. If your chimney cap is damaged or missing, call Winston’s — we can help make sure your chimney is properly protected by installing a durable new chimney cap.

A Word Of Warning With Wood

Another great benefit about living in Reston: It’s not hard to find free or cheap firewood. But always bear in mind: If you’re burning wood that hasn’t been dried or seasoned properly, you’ll contribute to higher levels of creosote production, which affects your chimney’s function and can create a fire hazard. The best rules of thumb: make sure you dry any firewood for six months to a year before burning, and keep up with regular chimney sweeping appointments to be sure that creosote deposits are kept to a minimum.

Areas We Serve In Reston

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Winston’s Chimney Services can help Reston residents with any and all chimney and dryer vent system needs. If you have any questions, or would like to make an appointment, just give us a call!


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