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Washington DC is known for being one of the best places to live, visit, play, learn, and immerse yourself in our country’s history. From the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument to the White House itself, this city is home to some of the country’s greatest monuments and wonders. 

And we’re honored to serve those living there, whether they’re a homeowner, a business owner, or the country’s highest elected officials.

We Restore Historic Chimneys

History is such a huge part of Washington, DC’s culture, and the beautiful historical architecture that runs throughout the city is a constant reminder of that fact. And those historic buildings – from simple Federal row homes to more ornate Victorians and Tudors – often come with historic chimneys and fireplaces that need care from expert technicians.

Winston’s Chimney Service has been offering full-service chimney care in the DC Metro Area since 1978, and our technicians specialize in properly handling the unique needs of beautiful and valued historic chimney systems. We know these setups need to be handled with special care to preserve their value and beauty, and it’s a job we’re confident we can take on.

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About Our Chimney & Fireplace Services

All that said, whether your Washington DC home’s chimney is historic or a new construction, you can count on quality care and preservation services from the pros at Winston’s Chimney Service.

We’ve worked with hundreds of DC homeowners to keep their chimney systems functioning as safely and as efficiently as possible, offering everything from annual chimney inspections to full restoration jobs. A few of the more common services we’ve provided in the area include…


Chimney Sweepings

Thorough chimney sweepings are a must in maintaining a safer and more efficient system. This gives your sweep the chance to clear out creosote and find the source of any clogs.

Since any obstructions in your flue could increase the risk of fire hazards and gas leaks, this regular maintenance is a must for every fireplace owner.

Chimney technician preparing to climb ladder to perform chimney sweep


Chimney Inspection

To keep your fireplace or stove and chimney in top shape, you’ll need to keep up with regular maintenance needs – that includes scheduling annual chimney inspections.

The main goal with these is to make sure you’re aware of damage well before it becomes a serious hazard. You should be investing in professional inspections at least once every year – and don’t light any fires until the job is done.

Two technicians performing digital chimney inspection through fireplace

Chimney Repairs

Winston’s can handle any repair needs that may come up, whether that’s replacing a damaged chimney cap, installing a new top-sealing damper, or completely relining a flue after a minor chimney fire or a new appliance installation. Rely on us for the following:

Chimney Troubleshooting

Leaks, smoke, and odors aren’t really the problem – they’re the symptoms of your chimney problem. And finding the root cause of those symptoms takes knowledge, training, and experience.

Winston’s Chimney Service technicians can find what’s contributing to your chimney troubles and offer repair services that will make those symptoms go away – and stay away for good.

    a chimney sweep looking up inside the firebox

    New Fireplaces & Wood Stoves

    Are you in the market for a brand new fireplace or wood stove? Winston’s technicians can tell you about the latest products and options, and help you find the perfect appliance for your home, your heating needs, and your aesthetic preferences.

    We’ll install your new system with care, backed by our Service Excellence Guarantee. That guarantee means we won’t rest until you’re totally happy with your new appliance and our service.

    Close up view of technician's hand pulling dryer vent hose from the wall connection

    Chimney Liner Repair & Relining

    There are three particular liner issues we commonly come across with older chimneys: damaged clay tile liners, flues that are improperly sized to vent newer appliances, and chimneys that are missing a liner completely.

    It’s key, for safety and performance, to have a properly-sized and functional flue liner in place. We can install, replace, and repair liners, depending on your chimney’s needs.

    Technician connecting new stainless steel chimney lining to chimney

    Tuckpointing Damaged Masonry

    Bricks, by and large, have a longer service life than mortar. When mortar joints begin to fail – whether it’s from eroding, cracking or receding – a chimney’s stability, functionality, and ability to fight off water intrusion are compromised.

    To repair that kind of damage, we can tuckpoint the joints, removing the damaged mortar, replacing it with new mortar, and forming strong new joints.

    Close up view of technician's hand pulling dryer vent hose from the wall connection

    Chimney & Fireplace Restoration

    Restoring a chimney system can include everything from replacing damaged parts to bringing the whole system up to modern performance standards.

    Winston’s techs can carefully and thoroughly inspect your system, working with your budget to develop a smart plan to restore your fireplace and/or chimney to even better than its former glory.

    Close up view of technician's hand pulling dryer vent hose from the wall connection

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    What Certifications Does Winston’s Hold?

    We strive to bring our customers the best possible service, which is why we invest so much time into training our team. Each technician is trained and certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and has access to the latest and best industry information through our memberships with the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG), the International Code Council (ICC), the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and the Mid-Atlantic Chimney Association – to name a few. 

    Whether your needs are large or small, you can be confident that the team at Winston’s Chimney Service can help.

    Why are certifications and memberships important in the chimney industry?

    Certifications are a must in the chimney industry because, honestly, it’s too easy for anyone to call themselves a sweep, slap a logo on the side of a van, buy some equipment, then claim to be an expert. But you don’t want to hire someone and just hope that they know what they’re doing… you want to know that they really understand your chimney system and are taking care of it in the best way possible.

    That’s where certifications come in. By working with experts who invest in certifications, training, and memberships, you can be assured that the team you hire won’t miss a thing – including hazards that could end up putting your home at risk.

    Are You Ready for Another DC Winter?

    The weather here in Washington DC is no joke come wintertime. We get it all – freezing temps, snow, ice… and all the hassle that comes with it. But in addition to ensuring your vehicles, pipes, and HVAC system are ready for it, you’ll also need to ensure your chimney is protected too.

    What does this entail?

    • Have your fireplace inspected: Using your fireplace and chimney without having it professionally inspected first can put you and your home at serious risk. 
    • Invest in a sweeping: If your system needs to be cleared of creosote, debris, nesting materials, or anything else, be sure to get our techs on the job before lighting any fires.
    • Book repair services: If your system shows signs of breaking down or is missing any components, have all issues addressed before putting it to use.
    • Invest in preventive measures: Ask us about chimney cap installations, waterproofing services, and anything else that will help keep water away.

    All of these measures help you avoid major damage that comes with temperature changes and the freeze/thaw process. This way, you can enjoy your fireplace with ease and peace of mind, winter after winter.

    What is the freeze/thaw process?

    The freeze/thaw process refers to the repeated cycle of water freezing and thawing within a chimney structure during the winter months.

    When water soaks into your home and chimney’s bricks, it freezes during cold weather, causing expansion and putting stress on the masonry – which then leads to cracks in the chimney structure. Then, when the temperature rises, the ice melts, allowing more water to enter and further deteriorate the chimney. 

    This cycle can repeat multiple times a season – sometimes multiple times in one day – causing lots of damage in just a few short months. Preventive measures, implemented by our team, help maintain the chimney’s functionality and prolong its lifespan.

    Ask About How You Can Finance With Us

    While we do our best to keep our services reasonable and affordable, there are some chimney services that are always going to be more on the pricey side, no matter which way you look at them. So, what happens when you really need some work done, but can’t squeeze the service into your budget?

    Well, at Winston’s, there’s two big things we don’t want our customers to do – 1) postpone necessary chimney and fireplace services or 2) go with a cheaper and less experienced company.

    The first option could wind up putting your home and chimney at risk, and the longer you wait the worse the repairs will get – which means shelling out even more dough down the line. And the second option presents risks as well. Usually the sweep with the best offer or with a seemingly killer deal is only trying to get their foot in the door, so they can scam you out of more money later on.

    Because we care about protecting those we serve, we offer flexible payment options. One is a low-interest loan, while the other is a year-long, same-as-cash offer. Talk with us about which plan would be best for you – we’re here to help you out. 

    Bringing The Best Chimney Services For Decades

    We have decades of experience caring for the chimneys, fireplaces, and stoves of folks in DC and the surrounding areas, and we’re continuously learning more about our industry – and how to provide even better services to each and every customer – with every passing year. Whether we’re performing a sweeping, relining a chimney, making masonry repairs, or something else, you can expect unparalleled expertise and professionalism from our team.

    Ready to get your next appointment booked? Give us a call at 703-379-5006 or schedule online with us today. We can’t wait to speak with you soon.


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