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Serving Washington, D.C.

History is such a huge part of Washington, D.C.’s culture, and the beautiful historical architecture that runs throughout the city is a constant reminder of that fact. And those historic buildings — from simple Federal row homes to more ornate Victorians and Tudors — often come with historic chimneys and fireplaces that need care from expert technicians.

Winston’s Chimney Service has been offering full-service chimney care in the D.C. metro area since 1978, and our technicians specialize in properly handling the unique needs of beautiful and valued historic chimney systems.

Common Washington D.C. Chimney Work

We’ve worked with hundreds of D.C. homeowners to keep their chimney systems functioning as safely and efficiently as possible, offering everything from annual chimney inspections to full restoration jobs. A few of the more common services we’ve provided in the area:

Chimney Liner Repair And Relining
There are three particular liner issues we commonly come across with older chimneys: damaged clay tile liners, flues that are improperly sized to vent newer appliances, and chimneys that are missing a liner completely. It’s key, for safety and performance, to have a properly-sized and functional flue liner in place. We can install, replace and repair liners, depending on your chimney’s needs.

Tuckpointing Damaged Masonry
Bricks by and large have a longer service life than mortar. When mortar joints begin to fail — whether it’s from eroding, cracking or receding — a chimney’s stability, functionality and ability to fight off water intrusion are compromised. To repair that kind of damage, we can tuckpoint the joints, removing the damaged mortar, replacing it with new mortar and forming strong new joints.

Chimney And Fireplace Restoration
Restoring an older chimney system can include everything from replacing damaged parts to bringing the whole system up to modern performance standards. Winston’s techs can carefully and thoroughly inspect your system and work with your budget to develop a smart plan to restore your fireplace and/or chimney to even better than its former glory.

We Install, Maintain And Repair Modern Chimney Systems Too!
Winston’s isn’t just focused on historic chimney systems — we routinely install and work on new masonry and factory-built systems as well.

We Cover The Washington D.C. Metro Area

Winston’s serves:

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Whatever your chimney (or dryer vent) needs might be, just give Winston’s Services a call — we can help!


We’re also conveniently located to serve the chimney needs in Northern Virginia. Check us out to see if you are in one of our service areas, then give us a call.