If you’ve been considering a fireplace restoration in your home, we want to encourage you to take the first step! If you love the look of your fireplace but know that extensive damage has been done, never fear! We are certain that we can fix it up and make it look like new again. Are you ready to get started? Great! Learn more below.

Invest In A Professional

There are lots of articles and advertisements out there claiming that fireplace restorations are simple. If you’re considering turning your remodel into a do-it-yourself project, we would strongly advise you otherwise. Working with this type of equipment can be tricky and incorrect installation can lead to fire hazards and improper functioning.

Also, when you think about the role of a fireplace, remember that it tends to be a focal point of the home. If you are investing your time and money into this project, then you’ll want to make sure the job gets done right. Why not be sure that everything gets done your way? By investing in an expert, you can rest easy knowing your home is in the best possible hands.

All in all, you’ll want to ensure the proper tools and materials are being used, and you’ll feel better knowing all of the necessary codes and regulations are met. By hiring a professional to do the job, you know that your appliance will function safely and efficiently. You deserve that peace of mind.

Read below to learn more about this process!

Scheduling An Inspection

First things first, we’ll need to do an inspection to assess the situation. We will check out the damper, crown, cap, flashing, and every other piece that is essential to your chimney’s functionality. This way, we’ll know what works, what doesn’t, and what may need to be replaced.

Getting The Job Done

We want to make your vision a reality on a budget that works for you. The whole process can lead to some intricate work, and matching up your current decor to a new setup can present some challenges. At Winston’s Chimney Service we are up for whatever you throw our way! Let us work with you, so we can make your dreams a reality. We will happily personalize the project to your specific tastes, and you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of colors, designs, and styles.

And That’s Not All…

The best part about counting on us for your fireplace restoration is that we can follow up with regular maintenance year after year. Sweeping, inspections, repairs… we do it all! And our dependable staff is CSIA trained and certified, so you know you’re getting the attention you deserve.

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