Is the summer heat or humidity causing your fireplace to stink? Fortunately, there are solutions that the team at Winston’s Chimney Service can help to resolve this issue. Don’t let a smelly chimney ruin the atmosphere in your home. Call our team of CSIA, FIRE, and NFI certified experts today, we can help!

Schedule Your Sweeping

roaring fire in the fireplaceSo, what is the main culprit behind these unpleasant odors coming from your fireplace? Well, it’s typically due to creosote buildup on the interior of your chimney system. Creosote can stink up a home in a hurry, and when the temperatures rise and your air conditioner is running, these smells become much more prominent.

A thorough sweeping is a good place to start when it comes to eliminating bad odors. It ensures any build up in your system is cleared, giving you the ability to burn your fires as safely and efficiently as possible. All in all, an in-depth sweeping by a trained and experienced chimney pro is a must for any chimney owner. Call today, and we can schedule yours before the autumn rush!

Invest In A Top-End Damper

Another method for treating chimney odors is to invest in a top-end damper. They sit at the top of your flue and provide a tight-fitting seal, thanks to their rubber gasket. As you can imagine, a top-end damper works wonders in preventing downdrafts, ensuring you aren’t faced with foul-smelling winds swooping through your chimney and home.

These devices are also great for keeping out animals, which are known for producing pretty bad smells, too. To top it off, they help with saving you energy and money, since no outside air is able to affect your indoor air temperatures. A smart investment all around!

Avoid Moisture-Related Issues

You likely know that water exposure can harm your masonry significantly, and it also plays a big role in producing bad odors too. The musty smell of water in your chimney is bad enough. When you combine it with your creosote deposits, you’re looking at an even bigger problem. Don’t let an uncomfortable atmosphere overtake your home. Invest in the care you deserve by talking with us about our leak prevention services right now.

Beware Of Clogs

It’s not uncommon for clogs to form in your chimney, especially if you don’t have a chimney cap or top-end damper. Unfortunately, when grass, leaves, twigs, and more pile up in your flue and sit for a while, they can eventually produce odors that make the people inside your home uncomfortable. Let us clear them out today, then find solutions to help your home to stop these problems from occurring again. Our crew is ready to help!

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