Upgrading your old masonry fireplace to a more efficient heating appliance can be an excellent way to save money on your winter utility bills as well as to conserve your use of energy. If you have been considering making an update to your fireplace but are having a hard time finding the perfect new fireplace, insert, or stove for your home, Winston’s Chimney Service has some good news that can help you. One of the brands we carry, Regency Fireplace Products, provides a design center online that allows you to create the heating appliance of your dreams. We would like to tell you a bit more about how the Regency Fireplace Design Center works.

Choose the Fuel Type

The first step in designing your new heating appliance is to select which type of fuel you would like. Your choices include wood, gas, and pellet. If you love the complete sensory experience of a wood-burning fire, you will want to choose wood. Gas appliances are popular for their convenience and efficiency. Environmentally conscious consumers tend to select pellet appliances as they are the greenest choice.

Choose the Type of Unit

Next, you must decide whether you want a new fireplace, insert, or stove. If you are building a new home or renovating an older home, fireplaces can be easily installed during the construction process. Inserts allow you to convert your old masonry fireplace as they are installed into the space of an existing fireplace. Stoves can be installed just about anywhere you would like, even outside.

Select the Style and Model

Once you have decided on the fuel type and type of unit, you will be presented with different styles and models. You can click on each option to see which heating appliance would be best for you. At this point in the process, you are not locked into any specific fuel type or type of unit. You can still change your mind and go back to compare other types of heating appliances.

Customize Your Unit

Once you have decided on your perfect heating appliance, you can add customized features. For example, if you picked a gas fireplace insert, you can add reflective inner panels and screen doors as well as choose the color of the face plate, vignette inlays, and stones and crystals. Some models even include mantels and stonework that you can have installed with your heating appliance.

Preview Your New Heating Appliance

You can upload a picture of the room in which your fireplace, insert, or stove will be, and then place the appliance in its location to be sure the style and look is perfect for the room’s decor and atmosphere.

Ready to get started on updating your fireplace? Contact us at Winston’s Chimney Service to find out more information about the Regency Fireplace Design Center.

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