Are spring rains bringing chimney leaks? Leaky chimneys are never a fun issue to deal with, and they are something any homeowner should address as soon as possible to avoid more damage down the line. If you’re having issues or if you’ve had issues in the past, let the team at Winston’s Chimney Service check things over. We have the equipment and experience to set you up right! You won’t need to worry about water and your chimney again anytime soon!

So, how do we do it? Well, there are several ways to minimize your risk of water damage. Chimney cap installation, chimney crown repair, and new flashing are a few of the things we offer that help keep water out. However, a surefire way to keep it from entering your brickwork is waterproofing. Learn more about this service below, then schedule an appointment with our CSIA certified team today!

All About Waterproofing

What exactly does waterproofing do? It keeps your bricks and mortar from absorbing water, which causes things to crumble and break down in a hurry. The important part about investing in our services, rather than buying some paint or sealers from the store and doing it yourself, is that our products offer optimal protection while allowing your chimney to vent out necessary vapors.

We use vapor-permeable sealer to ensure your chimney system functions as efficiently as possible. This allows any pre-absorbed moisture to escape and ensures nothing gets trapped inside after application. When we’re through, anything inside can properly escape while any outside moisture will be stuck outdoors where it belongs.

Ways Water Damages Your System

There are various ways water can damage your system once your masonry is penetrated. When your brickwork and mortar break down, your entire chimney weakens. This increases your risk of a settlement or collapse. As you can imagine, this puts your home and family at great risk. It also calls for some very costly repairs and reconstruction work.

In addition, water inside of your brickwork causes issues through the freeze-thaw process. This is what happens when the absorbed liquid freezes and expands, putting a lot of extra pressure on your masonry. This typically happens multiple times each winter, putting more and more stress on your chimney throughout the season. Along with this, the freeze/thaw process causes materials to deteriorate a lot quicker. Avoid the issue altogether with waterproofing. Our technicians can help you out right away!

Call Now For Fast & Efficient Results

Waterproofing is a service best done in the spring and summer months. By calling us in now, we can address any current issues in your brickwork, apply repair work wherever necessary, then get everything waterproofed before rains and summer storms come back around. Come fall our sweeps get extra busy, so now is the time to schedule your appointment with us! Guarantee yourself faster and longer lasting results by picking up your phone today and calling Winston’s Chimney Service!

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