If you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy company to do your oil furnace flue sweeping/cleaning, there are a few things to consider. Professional technicians will understand all of the complexities of the system and have extensive experience in heating systems. Knowledge is key, and you want a company that will use the right materials for each sweeping job and knows the proper steps to take.

Be sure to ask the team you’re looking to hire about their training and certifications, so you can feel comfortable knowing your furnace flue is getting appropriate care from qualified personnel. It’s also important to get references or check reviews from past customers who can ensure that the contractors are reliable and experienced when offering maintenance services throughout the year.

In the end, with a little legwork up front, you can be confident you are hiring an expert to service your oil furnace flue for your home or business.

Are Chimney Sweeps Qualified to Clean My Oil Flue?

Chimney technicians are part of a specialized trade and are definitely capable of maintaining oil flues. That said, not all of them provide these services.

Because of this, it’s important to do your research on your local chimney sweep companies and find out the specific training and experience they each have in regards to servicing oil flues. Additionally, make sure the technician is certified by either the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) or other reputable organization.

A professional chimney technician should also be fully insured and able to provide you with a comprehensive list of services they offer, as well as any applicable warranties. Take these steps to ensure that your oil flue is professionally serviced by a qualified chimney sweep technician.

Winston’s Chimney Services is proud that our chimney technicians are CSIA certified. We are also fully insured and qualified to service oil flues, as there are many in the region we serve. We can even sweep and inspect the chimney system at the same time, so you can get these chores out of the way on an annual basis.

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What Can I Expect When a Sweep Cleans My Oil Flue?

During their inspection, they will look for any obstructions or built up material in the flue that needs to be removed. They will typically do this as part of their annual service work by inspecting the flue’s wall thickness and performing tests on its functionality. This helps in keeping your home guarded from the possibility of a carbon monoxide leak or chimney fire, since it prevents any trapped combustible soot buildup and keeps your system running efficiently.

The technician may use brushes and extraction machines to properly remove all the soot that accumulates in the flue, while using specialized vacuum systems to collect debris.They also check for deterioration and water leaks that could affect the lifespan of your furnace venting system. If repairs are needed, they are qualified to take care of those, too, to ensure your system is working as it should.

Are HVAC Technicians Qualified to Clean My Oil Flue?

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) technicians have specialized skills in repairing and maintaining heating systems. While they typically work with furnaces that run on electricity or natural gas, an HVAC technician may also have experience in repairing oil-fired heating equipment, such as furnaces and boilers. All that said, they do not sweep or inspect the flue exhaust.

In order to ensure your oil furnace unit and its venting system are working optimally, yearly service to the unit itself and sweeping of the exhaust vent by a certified chimney tech is necessary. Many homeowners schedule this service in the spring or early fall.

Doesn’t the Company That Delivers the Oil Clean the Flue?

When it comes to oil delivery services, some of the most important questions a consumer may have are whether or not the company delivering the oil itself is responsible for cleaning the flue. The answer to this question largely depends on how the company actually operates and what they specialize in.

For instance, some companies focus solely on delivery, along with their associated operations, such as maintenance and service contracts on the furnace unit itself. This leaves the chimney or venting stack to be maintained by a chimney professional.

In summary, customers should always ask about related services regarding their oil furnace system when attaining services from a delivery company to ensure that your oil home heating system is being maintained and to minimize any unforeseen issues in the future. In other words, don’t just assume it’s being taken care of – verify every step of the process, so you know where you stand.

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