Staying educated on potential threats to your fireplace is a big part of keeping it healthy. Awareness and preventative maintenance play a major role in keeping your system free from harm, and here at Winston’s Chimney Service, we have the products and equipment necessary for ensuring your chimney stays in tip-top shape all winter long.

One thing we warn against is water damage. Water damage and leaks cause all kinds of problems like rust, rot, mold accumulation, clogs in your flue, and a whole lot more. Taking measures to ensure your chimney is protected against the elements will save you a lot of time, money, and stress down the line!

Another big issue that accompanies exposure to excess moisture is the freeze/thaw process. Learn more about this serious problem below, then depend on us to provide you with the services necessary to avoid it down the line.

All About The Freeze/Thaw ProcessThe winter freeze-thaw cycle could be damaging your chimney

The freeze/thaw process is what occurs when any pre-absorbed water in your brickwork freezes. The bricks and mortar that make up your masonry chimney are quite absorbent, and they soak in a lot of moisture over the rainy months if they haven’t been properly waterproofed. This moisture isn’t good for your system and works to break it down, thus weakening your structure as a whole throughout the warmer months.

Unfortunately, the issues don’t stop there. When temperatures drop, all of this water will freeze. Since liquids expand when solidifying, this process ends up putting a lot of extra pressure on your chimney! Eventually, the ice will melt causing the structure to settle and, again, putting a lot of unwanted pressure on your entire set-up.

As temperatures go above and below freezing multiple times a winter, this process could occur many times. This winds up triggering all kinds of damage and decay, and you’ll end up looking at a lot of work, time, and money to get everything in back in great shape for years of use ahead.

We Have The Tools & Skills To Set You Up Right

If you live in Northern Virginia, then it’s time you trust in our team to set things up right for you. Invest in an inspection from us today, so we can discover exactly what your fireplace needs to avoid water damage down the line. We can install a new chimney cap and/or damper, repair flashing, and ensure your crown and brickwork are not in need of extra attention.

Finally, be sure to ask us about our waterproofing services! This is the best way to keep your masonry better protected, no matter how nasty the weather is outside. We use only the best products available, so your brickwork has the shield it needs, without trapping vapors and pre-absorbed moisture inside. No water will get in, but anything inside will eventually vent out! With protection like that, your chimney will be strong and healthy for the long haul, giving you the peace of mind and comfort you deserve.

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