Brr! Temperatures are starting to drop, the days are getting shorter, and holiday plans are starting to form. Winter will be here before we know it, so it’s time to ensure your home is ready for a change of season! Read up on some of our helpful tips below, so you’re ready to go, no matter what the next few months bring.

Check Over Your Exterior

There are lots of things outside of your home that you’ll want to check up on. First things first, check for necessary repairs and maintenance that you can fix up while the weather is still relatively warm. It’s a lot better to address any cracks, holes, or roofing issues before snow and ice accumulate and make outdoor work miserable.

Then, take a look at your gutters. If they’re filled with leaves, dirt, and other debris, water won’t be able to drain, and any excess moisture will simply sit on your roof all winter long. This leads to leaks and water damage, none of which you want to deal with when it’s freezing outside. And right now, at the start of December, is the perfect time to get this job done! You’ll beat the nasty winds of January, and there will be no more leaves falling, so you won’t have to worry about doing it all again in a few weeks. Get out there today!

You will also want to drain any outdoor water valves and shut them off to minimize the risk of your pipes freezing. When pipes freeze, they expand, putting a lot of extra pressure on your plumbing system, as a whole. And if things get too intense, you’ll be dealing with a burst pipe, which leads to flooding and water damage! Avoid adding extra stress to your holiday season by doing all you can to avoid frozen pipes.

While you’re out and about, it’s a good idea to check on your snowblower. If it needs repairs or servicing, get it addressed as soon as you can. After all, it’s better to uncover any issues now, rather than right after a heavy snowfall. You’ll be happy you did it when your driveway is covered in snow!

Indoor Maintenance

As far as indoor maintenance, we strongly encourage all of the homeowners in the area to invest in a chimney inspection before starting up any fires this season. And Winston’s Chimney Service can help you out! Getting an inspection done will ensure that you have no excess creosote or debris to clear out, and we will be sure to check for necessary repairs, as well. If we see something that needs attention, our CSIA certified will fix you up right! Gain peace of mind by calling us in right away.

It’s also important to have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installed throughout your home and, if you already some up, check to ensure they are working properly. Between fireplace usage, Christmas lights, and flammable decor, it’s not uncommon for house fires to occur this time of year. Keep your family safer by purchasing these devices for your home. They could save a life!

If you need more information, feel free to give our qualified staff a call today. We can help with all of your fireplace and chimney needs!

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