Chimneys: A Hiding Place for Deadly Molds

Water provides for our very being. It is essential to our everyday lives, a fundamental need that we can never be without. It is, in fact, the source of life for all living creatures – harmful or not. And as such, water can also cost us our very lives. For it can give life to organisms that can cause health problems and even our demise. What are we talking about here? The minute yet very dangerous, molds.

Molds may look pretty friendly, they come in all shapes and sizes. They can even be appealing because of their colors. But be warned! Never take a closer look because their distinct musty odors contain spores with every sniff. Molds can accumulate and multiply in dark, moist places, in excrements, rotten food, or even corpses of living things. But that’s a different story. In this article, you will understand what causes molds to grow in chimneys and why it should be prevented.

Anytime moisture gets into your chimney, you are likely to have mold growing. Call us today to discuss mold removal.

Anytime moisture gets into your chimney, you are likely to have mold growing. Call us today to discuss mold removal.

Chimneys are very exposed to the seasons that come and go. Humidity, heat, rain, and snow all play a role in the deterioration of the chimney. These conditions favor the growth and development of molds. They are supplied with water that seeps into the cracks of the mortar that holds the chimney together. These cracks are the result of the expansion and contraction caused by the temperature fluctuations themselves. And so the situation aggravates itself. Over time there will be a truck-full of molds hidden between the creases of the bricks of your chimney. This is the main reason for waterproofing the chimney.

Molds are reproduced by means of spores released to thin air. These spores that are trapped within the combustion system of the smoke chamber are very dangerous for the occupants in the house. This could complicate common asthma to become a more devastating health issue causing permanent damage to your immune system. That’s why experts always recommend an annual inspection of your chimney and chimney sweeping to avoid these risks. There are complex techniques that professionals use in order to solve this precarious problem and stop it from progressing into further property damage. They have to use cameras to search in steep areas that are not easily accessible.

Don’t despair! To every problem there is a solution. There are ways to prevent these hideous molds.  A special type of soap solution can definitely do the trick, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. That’s why there is a need to seek professional help for this matter because these molds can be very tricky.

Winston’s Chimney Service offers the best of equipment and the most excellent services and techniques. Their outstanding workmanship in chimney repair and anything that involves fireplaces, chimneys and stoves are what keeps us busy in Northern VA since 1978.  If you feel and think that molds have started to invade the serenity of your home DO bother to call the experts to ease your mind and let them do what they do best.