Your chimney liner plays an important part in both protecting your home and helping your fireplace run efficiently. The liner protects your adjacent woodwork from catching on fire. It effectively directs fumes and gases out of the chimney. It even blocks acidic particles from entering your brickwork and mortar, which could cause extensive damage. When it comes to keeping your home and family as safe as possible, a well-functioning chimney liner is a must!

Now, many who find themselves with a broken down clay liner worry that a full relining job will be in order. Fortunately, this is not the only option for most homeowners. Many are opting for a simpler solution with HeatShield. Learn more about this method below, then count on Winston’s Chimney Service to get the job done right.

Avoiding A Destructive Processsmoke coming out of old house chimney

One major reason many choose to work with HeatShield is so they can avoid the destructive process of having a stainless steel liner put in. This is messy, costly, and time-consuming, and it triggers a lot of stress for the homeowner. If an alternative option is available why not take it? That’s what we can offer you with HeatShield.

So, how does it work exactly? Well, rather than tear apart your liner, your chimney technicians will apply new materials that fill in any gaps, holes, or cracks throughout your system. You will go from a broken down and bumpy flue to a smooth, streamlined liner in a timeframe that is much more appealing to your busy schedule.

If this sounds like the right route for you, then there is no time like the present to reach out to our team. Give us a call today!

Schedule Summer Repairs Now

When it comes to performing more extensive repairs or restoration jobs on your chimney, summertime is a great time to get work done. Why? Well, a warmer temperature range gives our materials the chance to properly cure, and it guarantees you are left with a properly-functioning system when those cooler fall days come back around.

Along with this, you can’t beat the scheduling freedom that comes with summertime chimney care. When fall and winter arrive, we get flooded with appointments which bring about a lot of scheduling difficulties. Right now we can easily fit you in during a timeframe that works well with your calendar, so you won’t need to rearrange a thing.

Make The Right Choice – Rely On Us

Our CSIA certification combined with our long list of positive reviews and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau makes us the number one choice for homeowners all throughout Northern Virginia. If you are ready to work with a crew that consistently put your needs and concerns first, then count on Winston’s Chimney Service for all of your fireplace-related needs.

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