If you own a fireplace and chimney, you know how important regular maintenance is. Yet, sometimes homeowners are looking for a step up from basic repairs and inspection jobs. If you have something bigger in mind for your fireplace, consider a restoration! The staff at Winston’s Chimney Service is here for you and ready to help out whenever you are ready.

Reasons For A Restoration

There are multiple reasons why a homeowner may be looking to invest in a fireplace restoration. One of the main reasons is due to extensive damage. If your system has seen years of neglect, water damage, and more, then basic repairs might not be a viable option for you. Water damage can cause rot, rust, stains, clogs, deterioration, and more. If these issues haven’t been addressed season after season, then you’ll want an expert’s opinion before putting anything to use.

Another potential reason you may want a restoration is due to structural flaws. Unfortunately, some fireplaces were simply not set up right from the get-go. Incorrect installation or messed up dimensions could lead to smoke back-up, fume inhalation, and more, causing health issues, nasty odors, and lots of stress. It’s worth every dollar spent to say goodbye the headaches and hello to peace of mind every time you go to light a fire.

Finally, some homeowners are simply looking to improve the aesthetic of their home. Maybe your fireplace is old and outdated or maybe the past owner’s picked a system that just doesn’t match your style. Whatever the case, a restoration is necessary! It’s important that your home matches your unique tastes and, since the fireplace is such a large focal point, we feel that it’s the perfect thing to revamp.

Give us a call today. We are certain we can set you up with the fireplace of your dreams!

Worried About Costs?

If you are more than ready to get started on your fireplace restoration project, but are having issues with the costs involved, worry no longer. Winston’s Chimney Service has options for you! Just let us know your budget and we will form a plan around that price point. Your fireplace will look better than ever, and it will all be done at a price that you can easily afford – we have got you covered!

What Else Can We Offer?

On top of restoration jobs, Winston’s Chimney Service offers a long list of repair and installation services, as well as regular maintenance. Whether you’re looking for inspections, cleanings, new accessories, tuckpointing, masonry work, waterproofing, or something else, we are certain that our CSIA certified techs can get you taken care of.

Call us today, browse our website, or stop by the shop to learn more. We can’t wait to get to know you and bring you the best fireplace and chimney care around!

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