There is no doubt that a chimney fire does a lot of damage to your system. The extreme heat produced by the fire melts your mortar and triggers cracking all throughout your brickwork. As you can imagine, this makes your fireplace dangerous to use, as gases, smoke, and even stray flames can escape through these openings and enter your household.

What Causes Chimney Fires?The truth behind chimney fires

So, what causes a chimney fire to occur in the first place? When creosote builds up inside of your chimney walls, your chances of experiencing a chimney fire increase dramatically. Why? Creosote is very flammable and can easily ignite after too much has formed. This is why investing in regular sweepings is such an important part of chimney care.

Taking certain precautions will slow down the rate at which creosote accumulates. For instance, burning only properly seasoned wood in your fireplace is always a must! Along with this, you should make certain that airflow is not restricted, and try to avoid overloading your firebox.

Unfortunately, creosote cannot be completely avoided. Invest in an inspection right away if you feel your home may be at risk. Annual inspections help avoid dangerous scenarios, like chimney fires and gas leaks. They also ensure any damages and clogs are addressed before they create bigger problems. Our team is qualified to help you out, so get in touch with the crew at Winston’s Chimney Service today

How Do I Know If A Chimney Fire Has Occurred?

Not sure whether or not you’ve experienced a chimney fire? Well, some are more obvious than others. In fact, sometimes you can hear them from the street outside your home! In these cases, you will know for sure that something is wrong, and can call a professional to check it out before further damage happens.

Unfortunately, many are not this easy to detect. Some chimney fires will occur completely unnoticed, meaning homeowners will use their fireplace without realizing the risks they face by doing so. If you are worried, schedule an inspection or look for the following signs: puffy-looking creosote, warped metal, discoloration, cracks throughout the masonry, roofing damage, and anything that looks like it may have been exposed to excessive heat.

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If you want to go through the rest of winter feeling worry-free, schedule an inspection today. Our CSIA certified crew can look things over and let you know whether or not repairs or a sweeping might be necessary. Once we are through, you’ll be able to enjoy your fireplace with your family night after night knowing there’s nothing to stress about.

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